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UFO Photographs: South America

July 19, 1974  -  Balcarce, Argentina

One of the two photographs taken by Antonio Le Pere in 1974.

The other photograph (in black and white).

Background Information / Description:

Summary: Antonio Le Pere snapped these two photographs through the driver's window of his car as he was proceeding along route 226 near Balcarce.

July 19, 1974, at Balcarce, Argentina, disc-shaped metal-looking flying object approached an automobile driven Sr. Antonio Le Pere. It was near 18:00 hours when Le Pere noticed the intruder keeping pace with him from a position only a few hundred meters to his left, and barely 10 meters above the ground there. He slowed his automobile as he worked on his camera to take a picture, before it started climbing and flew away. Le Pere took the pictures through the rolled down window on the driver's side of the car, shooting over his left arm holding the steering wheel. The object was of a coppery-brownish smooth finished reflective material like metal, or something between a metal and ceramic finish.It had a raised dome on the top surface of the craft, and seemed to have a reddish glow either on the rim edge or surrounding the rim very closely to the ship. The strange machine flew a steady course and was quite obviously under intelligent control. (from Stevens / Cosmic View)

Source / Credit: Stevens / Cosmic View Original source webpage / article

Photograph ID: 360 ID: 360

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