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UFO Sighting Report


Jan. 3, 2004


San Antonio, Tx


Plate Shaped Object above my back yard

Date Reported:

1/27/2004 7:20:28 PM



No. of Witnesses: 

around 15 people


about 6-7 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Ok, i always thought that ufos and aliens were a bunch of bullcrap. Now im freakin out.

My friends and i know what we saw. It was around 2:00am and we were all hanging out in my dads shed in the back yard. Jus then, the tv, radio, and lights when out.

My friend Bryan and I went outside to see if the extension cable had unplugged, but the lights to the house and all of our surrounding houses were out. I took out my cell phone to call my mom, but it was dead too. So were our watches. I started to freak out and I pulled the battery out of my cell to see if it was just the way it was positioned. And thats when it happened. I looked up and there was a black disc in the sky maybe about 50 feet above us. In awe, i put the battery in my pocket and pointed up at the object with the hand that was holding my cell phone. Then my cell screen turned on and started to make staticy noises. I listened and the sounds were amazing. They were a series of about 8 or 9 clicks every 4 seconds. My battery was in my pocket, though!!!

Bryan ran into the shack to get everyone else. We all stared at the object. Then, without a breeze or a sound, it shot straight up into the air. Then, wierd things started to happen. Me and my friends all had sunburn and started to itch in the following days.

But about 1 minute after the object left, the power came back on. My neighbors were out in their fromt yards all talking about it.

Witness Background

I am a professional musician and welder.

Other Comments

I have always been facinated and creeped out by unexplained events and the paranormal. Like ufos, lochness monster, bernudas triangle. I have a feeling that there is life out there somewhere.

Reported Sighting? 



Andy Galloway

Your Location: 

san antonio, tx, usa