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UFO Sighting Report


SEPT 1996


THUNDER BAy ontario


eighty feet in width

Date Reported:

1/31/2004 11:49:01 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



one half hour

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

lights on botton circling bottom of craft black in color rotating lights on bottom resembling a welders torch in high intensity. rotating universal joint mechanism of the mobility on lights

no windows, aircraft remained over courthouse at 8:05 pm. MUFON reported our incident...the next day it was reported by several witnesses in broasd dylight and was on the front page of the Chronicle Journal. Barry Third our news Anchorman for TBT denies the story...he's gullible and feeble minded. Ivan Sherlock from Kentucky came here and had a missing finger on his right hand...probably from being interrogated himself...Joking!

A family of four seen this on the highway flying at roughly a hundred miles per hour towards the minnesota border eighty feet above the highway returning from Grand Portage.

I refused to have my name made public and avoided scrutiny and ridicule.

Now Popular Mechanics is shwcasing a Roswell, NM article stating we are ready finally for open dialogue with thte extra testicles. Great...we gonna use cheese? I pray they know that the outer limits is dry and sustains no life...We are food and thay will get it in the end. We should have listened to the native americans in the beginning, they saved the ozone and now we opened the door...All in the name of money and commerce....The sky and land is polluted and the water is depleting. Now the food shortage is reaching a epidemic level. Save us pope!

Witness Background

humanitarian and social worker

Other Comments

I think the truth is out here...Under water!

It seems to be the only unexplored areas left on the planet.

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thunder bay ont