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UFO Sighting Report


march 1981


Montaulk, NY, USA


metalic object flew silently overhead at 20 - 40 mph at 200-400 feet

Date Reported:

2/19/2004 10:03:43 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



30+ minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Riding east on old montaulk highway with my nephew we saw a very bright light to the south east. Although I am very familiar with the road and know the ocan is to my right, for some reason I thought it was a light on top of a tower. Suddenly I remembered that there are no towers in the ocean. At that exact instant the light began to grow brighter. After a few minutes the light was clearly brighter than anything I had ever seen. As it got brighter it gave the impression of an aircraft moving closer. My nephew ketp asking me what it could be and I said it has to be an airplane. As it got very close we realized it was moving too slow to be an airplane so I told him it has to be a helicopter. As we reach the intersection of montaulk highway and old montaulk highway my nephew leaned out the wndow to look up and see the object about to pass overhead. He told me "That is no helicopter. You better stop and get a look at this." I stopped the car and shut the engine. Looking up I saw a metalic object pass slowly overhead at perhaps 200-400 feet. There were no wings or rotors, no visible engines, and absolutely no sound. It kept gong to the northwest and we decided to follow. We followed perhaps a couple of miles to an area just north of montaulk highway. We found the object hovering just above power lines and about 1/4 mile ahead and I parked the car. The object was very visible in the moonlight. When I flashed my amber parkng lights at it, it flashed back amber lights. When I flashed my headlights it flashed back headlights. I was actually hoping to be "abducted" and taken for a ride in space. We lost sight of it because we thought we saw an orange light amid a clump of trees on a small island in a small lake. We moved close to the lake and watched but nothing happened. After siting there for some time there started a kind of hissing sound, similar to the engines on a U2. All of the dry wild grass was vibrating. No object was visible at that time and we were in mostly wide open space with only a few houses in the area, and no industrial buildings. Some time later we observed a very bright start overhead. Brighter than Venus. The star grew brighter and brighter until a brilliant blue beam of light came out of it, then it went dark. We observed what looked like a jet contrail but this one kept sinking closer and getting larger. Eventually, when the trail appeared to be at a few thousand feet altitude it had morphed into the shape of a whale. By this time 4 hours had passed. With nothing happening we left to get some food.

Throughout the experience I felt as if someone was contacting my mind. I had never had such a strong feeling before. I did have this same exact feeling again weeks later when killer whales appeared off the coast. It felt like the same someone. I always knew when the whales were about and one would surface before long if I kept looking.

Because of this feeling I came to feel that the UFO was occupied by people who left the earth long ago. I have no idea what it really was, but it's almost as spectacular, in my mind, if it was produced here on earth by humans having mastered anti gravity propulsion as it would be if it came from another world.

The object had a flat, smooth bottom and the top was about as high as the bottom was wide. It was not like a saucer, more of an inverted cone, but not pointy on top. The sides sloped up rather steeply and there were some shapes from bottom to top in front and back. The look was as if bare aluminum like an unpainted airplane. I do not recall any windows or openings.

The winter population of Montauk was perhaps a few thousand or less in those days. Few would be out at that hour. I often wondered why no one reported it, but we did not report it either. There is some sort of top secret miltary base a few miles west. No one ever seemed to know what went on there but you could see a large rotating radar type thing. People assumed it was part of NORAD, but I don't think they really knew.

The next day we returned to the sight during daylight and were very surprised to see that the lake was a grass field. The night before we did not go closer to the orange light because it looked like water to us. There is only a grassy fieald with a house in the middle.

I think whoever was in that craft was playing with our minds. I think they took notice when I overcame the first illusion, and noted that there is no tower in the ocean. They seemed curious about us. I can't imagine whay vistors from another planet would be so interested in that particular site. If it was some sort of secret military anti gravily craft why would they fly it right over a town?

Other Comments

Whatever it was that I saw, it definately did exist.

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