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UFO Sighting Report


Jan 12th 04


Hirosaki Japan


Date Reported:

2/19/2004 10:20:38 PM



No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I just bought a new Sony T1 digital camera and was taking photos first with my older Sony 705 then a few seconds later of the same scene with my new camera. When I took the photos I didn’t notice anything. Later when I put them into my computer. In the photo taken with the new camera I noticed 3 objects in the sky. At first I thought they might be birds. But when I compared the first photo from the other camera I could only find 1 object (the one at the right) it was in the same vertical plane but much higher in the sky. Which would mean that it descended vertically to the new position in the 10 to 15 seconds that it took me to take the next photo.

The two on the left may be birds I don’t know. But I think the other one may be a UFO as it is round, looks metallic and it has an aura around it.

It is necessary to zoom in on the photo to see well.

Witness Background

English school teacher.

Other Comments

I and all in my family have been seeing UFO regularly all our lives. I saw the first one when I was a child. I am not confusing them with satellites jets etc. One day in Australia in 1964 my friend and I saw one in the day. It was silver like it was there and not there at the same time. Its surface seemed to be moving like mercury. We decided to get some witnesses and went to a nearby house that was being built. But the UFO just disappeared. When we returned to our original viewing point it reappeared. So we went back to the building site but it disappeared again. When we returned it suddenly appeared again. This happened a few times so we were convinced that it was watching us and didn’t want us to have any witnesses. Then after a while it shot down to the right, then up to the right, next up to the left and was gone. I have many more experiences that I won’t mention or you may thin I am crazy. Others in my family have had similar experiences. Any way I know UFO are real. Not sure about the ones in my photo because I didn’t see them when I took the photo. If you would like me to e-mail the photos to you just let me know. Cheers, Glenn Waters

Reported Sighting? 



Glenn Waters

Your Location: 

Hirosaki, Aomori, JAPAN



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