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UFO Sighting Report






The ufo was disc shaped and had day stealth capability.

Date Reported:

2/21/2004 4:16:33 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



30 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

It was my birthday so me and my girlfriend and bestfriend loaded up two cars to go to Palo Duro canyon to hike to the sacred spring.We had just left Hale Center,Tx.when I looked up and saw a huge disc shaped object hovering over Plainview,Tx.I was in awe it must have been the size of Plainview .It was pretty high up close to 50 or 60 thousand feet up. Close to the stratisphere.I ask everyone in the car If they could see it and they said see what ,that's when I realized I was the only one that could see it.I had on red lens sunglasses and I could see it clearly.I pulled down my sunglasses and it disappeared,so I put my sunglasses back up and it reappeared.That's when I realized Itwas making Itself look like the blue sky so I tested It by pulling my shades up and down.it would disappear and reappear every time.Then it started moving to the right,then down,then up and the left back to where it was and then it disappeared again this time with my glasses on .It was like it knew that Iwas looking at it and stealthed itself too where I couldn't see it with the red glasses.My best friend was in the car in front of me and described the same events,he was wearing prescription uv sunglasses.this thing had stealth capability that even our governments top sthealth projects couldn't do.

Witness Background

At the time I was barteding at midnight rodeo

Other Comments

I have seen more than one ufo.Some were not space ships, but were living beings,will tell more about them upon request.They were aliens from our own planet. Remember this, you don't have to believe this,but seeing is believeing and I believe.The truth is out there.

Reported Sighting? 



Joel S. Edgmon Jr.

Your Location: 

Lubbock ,Tx.U.S.A.