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UFO Sighting Report




Sorry, i not mean evidence, i mean experience..

Date Reported:

1/6/2011 6:30:00 PM



Full Description & Details

My experience in July 1987, CA

1987, in July, I visited my family in California, Sacramento. There I had a very exceptional situation. Actually with something who is known under the grey aliens in cases in literature. Before this specially night I did not knewn anything about this theme!

The experience have been at July, 14 th at 1:30 a.m. in my guestroom. Short time after I went to bed the situation has happend. I wasn´t sleep for sure, the lamp in the room was switched off and it felt a little bit moonlight into the room. The situation continued between 30 to 60 seconds I guess.

I laid on my back, was wake, my eyes were closed and I thought about the time I had been in CA. Suddenly, in that moment I noticed something is wrong in this room. I had a feeling somebody or more than one person came into the room, but I locked the door before I went to bed. So I tried opening my eyes and in that moment I heard a very quiet sound like from an engine or something like that. Exacty in that moment I noticed I was unable opening my eyes or moving my body arbitrarily. So that unknown person or what ever have been now in my guestroom, was able to have an effect on my neural functions, I will say specially on the motor activities.

I still tried opening my eyes with all power I got, and however then I was able to open them. I saw somebody standing next to my bed was looking on the middle of my body. Maybe the heigh of that what I saw was about 150 to 170 cm. The figure was analogical like human being. I will say it wasn´t looking usually human being like me and you, it was really very different. It was standing on two legs upright like a human. The head was a great one and I couldn´t see any hairs. I saw into a face resembling a human, but also very different from all what we know.

It wasn´t a usual human, but for simpleness I will call it human from now on. So the human had two eyes, but much more greater than our eyes are being and they glow yellow. Where we have got a nose there I saw a longish elevation, who was located from brow area to chin. Downwards it became bigger. On it I saw horizontal subdevisions. The whole face was so much strangeness I only able explaining what I mean exactly in my paintings, specially the new one. The "nose" strictly was not a breathing mask or something like that. The head and the face seemed white-blue. I saw the body and head was encased by a transparently blue-white aura or something like that. I only can suppose what this human weared on body. It seemed like a metallic suit like an one-piece. I am not sure if I saw ears.

So this human looked at my body with head down. I don´t know exactly how many seconds passed by, but I appreciate between 10 or 20. After that time I wasn´t able opening my eyes continuing although I wanted to and I was weak. So they closed and I was thinking to the housekeeper and also nurse (for the grandmother living next to my door). The housekeeper, Cora, laid in the hall on the floor on a mattress, directly before my guestroom-door. Actually the grandmother was ill and needed Coras´ help again and again in that night, so Cora decided sleeping in hall, because her own room had been on the contrary end of the house.

I wanted to cry, but I could not use my voice. So I hoped maybe Cora will remark something, but she did not... In this moment I thought how strange this situation is and I felt so much terrified I can not explain. I really needed all my power to go through this situation at all. Otherwise I noticed the human wasn´t doing anything bad to me, "only" was looking on my body and I was still alive. I know this human was still in my guestroom and also I heard the quiet noise. So I tried opening my eyes again and I was able to do it again. In that moment I saw this human changed position about 90 degrees and was not looking anymore to my body, rather was looking to the guestroom-door. It seemed that he had knewn what I was thinking, in particular I thought to Cora, laid exactly before this door. After some seconds I had no power anymore for opening my eyes and had to close them again. After that suddenly I didn´t hear the noise anymore and also I was able to move myself and open my eyes again like nothing have been happend before. So as soon as possible I switched on the lamp, wrote on a paper what has been going on and opend the door. I waked up Cora for asking her if she noticed anything, but she did not she said. My condition was the same like before and I was still ok.

So I stood up and went into the garden before the house for looking if there is anything. But I can´t see anything strange, went back in the house fast. I coudn´t sleep in that night anymore. At 3 o´clock a.m. my stepbrother Lucho came home from work and I told him what happened. He was listening to me and told me an experience about something he saw two years ago. Actually Lucho was standing before the house, was looking into the sky and saw an UFO. He went into the house to his mother and told that to her. So the both went out again for looking and there was no more to see. So the mother told him he should stopp telling things like that. This he told me in that night. Then we thought about the way this human was coming into the guestroom, but we/I still don´t know.

I will repeat: before this night I never have knewn about greys or bedroom visitors or something like that. Till now I attest this is a true event.


P.S. Sorry for my bad english..

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