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UFO Sighting Report


for about 22 years ago


stavanger, Pakistan


first come a long hwite about 4 m over mye head and hwen i look hwere that fog way come from is go so long far up in the sky how i can see.i wanted to see hwere that way took my and i following it to i come to a open field nearby a childrenhome.hwen i was in that open fiel then this way hwo look as a fog change to be an a shape like a big oval lighning umbrella over me.the color was white and weak pink.is hwat no souns and not smalling.i was afraid first then i come down hwen i was covered under that big ligth.i was not alone she i was together with is dead now.bouth of us was living on this childhome in the childhood and in that period we seen this this childhome area have shange to be a home for singel mothers.bouth of us hwo senn this became to have mentali nervs hwen we gruw up.anyway this ufo was something i never have seen ather have explane in themse ufo webside hwen i one day wanted to study more of it over hwat i have seen.this lightenen ufo disapear in half sekond hwen a car past by.how fast and hwer its go we coudent registrate.

Date Reported:

5/25/2011 7:07:58 AM



Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

nothing before but many years later


heidi ausdal kristiansen

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