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UFO Sighting Report


October, 2010


Bangor, Maine, United States


Date Reported:

9/19/2011 4:54:31 PM

Sighting Time: 




Description of Area / Surroundings

city, outside walking

Full Description & Details

It must have been about a year ago not sure date, 2010 ] but i went to the city to visit my brother. Around 2 am i left his house and walked to a longtime friend who also lived in the city. It is only about 10 min walk. When walking the next thing i can remember was having my eyes closed and hearing this calm, relaxing, soothing almost hypnotizing in a females voice saying. Kevin,..Kevin,.., its ok David where here to help, it's ok, where no going to harm you, its okay. We’re going to make you feel better. then my eyes opened up and at first there was a blinding light but then it went away and i could see the room and in the room were 2 Grey aliens very tall i remember the room there was 2 different colors in the room 1 on the top of the wall and on at the bottom almost like a trim around a room the top color was purple and the bottom color was blue, it was a thin line of theses colors trimming the room as light, light was coming from them. I asked the alien if they aren’t going to harm me what they are going to do to me. They replied back “we are going to help you and fix you” i know my mouth wasn’t moving when talking to them. Because when I would get scared then I could tell I was using my mouth. The next thing i remember was each Grey on each side of me they then put me up against a cold metal thing and it was moving with each of them on my sides they brought me to a hall to the left of the white room, the hall was dark cloudy or misty like fog, the hall ways must have been 50 ft. 40 ft., long it took about 30 to 50 to get me down hall i can remember that, so about maybe 40 ft. 50 ft., before i got to the next room i could see to the right in the room a huddled circle formation of at least 7 to 8 Greys in a huddled formation they were tall. There was and exit to another room next to them with a hall way same as the white room. To the left in the room was a smaller group about 5. The room itself was dark round there was a fog or a mist in the room but at time it seemed to go away, also a dim light because I could see across the room. The walls of the room were indented almost like a V shape indent in the wall or this } so the walls were not flat like Are’s. When entering the room I could smell a chemical like smell something like Bleach or Peroxide or Ammonia. They brought me into center of the room. I remember one of them was so tall he had to like bend a little to look me in the eyes. What’s weird at this point was I wasn’t really scared and it seemed hard for me to see their face at times others I could see them .i was still standing up against that thing they put me against in the white room. Then, one of them out there hand on my nose and another one put this small black tube up my nose, it made this noise, The alien Greys had long fingers very tall had a little mouth that moved up n down motion like a fish mouth but nothing was coming out. I remember screaming after they did that. All the time i could hear the voice saying it’s going to be ok we hear to help, in a soft calm voice as if they was trying to relax me, but i was scared the next thing i remember was the thing i was standing up against slammed down making this loud noise it slammed down like a table, so I was now lying down They then brought me towards the left side of the room so it seemed. I began to get hostile and remember cocking my left leg back and kicking the alien to my lower left, he went against wall n fell down. I clearly remember doing it and watching the Grey fly against the wall and sliding down the other Greys quickly backed off; from then on the next thing i remember was on the side of the road again. Right after i realized what had happened still dazed n confused, tired, lost feeling. There was this cop who drove real slow right next to me and i asked him where a street was and he looked at me for a few minutes, he didn’t say a word just pointed and stared with this nasty look, blank see threw me look almost, i had lost 3 or 4 hours of time it was nearly 6 in morning when i got to my friend’s house.

 I remember the smells in the craft; they were like bleach, ammonia, or peroxide smell, the greys were at least 7 ft. or 8ft tall, long fingers, slips for mouths n smaller black eyes

 I was talking to them telepathic

 I use to have a crooked nose but since the alien stuck that small black tube up my nose it’s straight again

 I remember the colors of inside the craft white, purple, blue,

 I remember some of there tech, such as a thin about 7inch black tube, the thing I was standing against moves on its own and is capable at fast speed slamming down like a table or bed.

There are other accounts but this one stick outs in my head the most... Please i need help in this matter ever since it has happened it has consumed my thinking completely and is all i can think about, it took me almost a year to go outside at night i was so petrified. since every night before i go to bed i just have to stair or forced to look up in the sky at nothing my eyes wide open with tears pouring down my face and my jaw wide open, I’ll be standing like that for at least 10 min if not longer. Almost in a drown fashion. i am desperately looking for help and do not know where to look i am branching out to you in hopes you may be able to point me in right way in helping me on this matter i thank you very much for reading my email and you time thank you again.


Witness Background

I am a simple family man.


Kevin O' Brien

Your Location: 

Milo, Maine, U.S.A



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