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UFO Sighting Report



Tucson, Arizona, United States


I just saw a show about aliens. It said something about clothing stains. I never thought anything much about it before but when I heard about the stains my mind was rushed with memories of a bunch of different things that have happened to me that including a period of a few months where my shirts were stained with yellow in the mornings when I woke up.

Date Reported:

9/27/2011 9:31:27 AM



Full Description & Details

My ex and I thought that they were sweat stains but we couldn't figure out why they were so bad and why so suddenly.

When I heard about the stains a whole lot of memories came to me of things that I had explained away.

it reminded me of the first thing that ever happened was about 15 years ago when I was about 15 years old. I was in wildwood newjersey with my aunt and cousin and I was changing cloths in the bathroom and I noticed some red spots on the back of my shoulder. I told my aunt and she wanted to look so I took off my shirt and she gasped. My whole entire back was covered in perfect octagons in a diagonal patter across my back. The three of us looked at them and tried to figure out what the were for about an hour and we decided that it must be some sort of sunburn.

I also remembered several times over the past few years where weird marks were on my body and I could never explaine why or where they came from but I always assumed I must have hurt myself and didnt remember. I have 3 pictures of the most recent marks on my left arm. The reason I took the pictures is because they were so weird that I thought they almost looked like arabic words or something like that.

It also reminded me of dreams I have been having since I was a teenager but I cant say when they started. Every one was different except for a few things that made me know they were all related. I always just assumed they had something to do with some kind of subconscious fear of being trapped or something. They all involved me being surrounded by people who wanted to hurt me and they all had me inside some sort of place I couldn't get out of I remember 1 was of me in some sort of complex with walls that were massive and surrounding me and another was a Forrest with massive trees surrounding me. In all of them I couldn't move even though I was awake which is I think why I remember them so much because I was awake but dreaming if that makes any sense. Everyone I try to force my body to move but its like there is something incredible strong holding me.

For some reason I occasionally get a strong desire to go for a drive and I would drive for hours with no destination sometimes until morning. Most of the time I seem to day dream for hours as I drive because I dont remember driving for long but when I decide its time to go home im hours away from home. there was one time about 8 or 10 years ago where I went on a similar drive where I thought I day dreamed for hours but when I got home I apparently had been gone for more then a day but I swear I was only gone about 4 hours.

I dont know what to think but they way everything came together when I heard about the stains I am beginning to think I might have experienced something that I cant explain. I dont know what I expect by writing this but i feel like I need to talk to someone about this.

I dont know if this has anything to do with any of the other stuff but I started having ideas for inventions. there are a few of them but i believe they are all related. I dont know how to explain them because im not an inventor or anything but i feel like im suppose to make something but I have not put any effort into making it because it looks so complex and I dont know anything about what it is I see.

Witness Background

most recently I have been in sales for a few years but I have also been a welder and in construction.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I think their cool I think aliens exist I dont know if I believe they visit earth or not. the only stuff I know about aliens is the stuff on netflix and discovery channel and a couple of youtube videos.

Other Comments

I came here because I dont know who is a "credible" person to talk to and this site looked like it had been around awhile so I figured someone here might know who I can talk to.



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