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UFO Sighting Report


July, 1982


Bethel/Newtown , Connecticut, United States


I saw a UFO hovering probably no more than 3- 4 stories above a treeline while driving on Route 302 close to the border of Newtown and Bethel CT in 1982. Although this happened almost 3 decades ago, the vision of it in my mind has never gone away. I recently saw a story about similar UFO sightings in the Hudson Valley on 'Unsolved Mysteries' and decided to look online for more information about the sightings. The picture on the main page of this website is very similar to what I saw.

Date Reported:

9/28/2011 2:25:44 AM

Sighting Time: 

10 pm



No. of Witnesses: 



10 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

I only saw the front side of it, it appeared saucer shaped, and quite large. There were lights on the outermost part on the underside. The lights were dim, I believe they were more than one color, and were in the shape of a square or rectangle.

Size of Object(s)

I would say this craft was about 100 feet wide, if not larger.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Rural, tree lined road. Only occasional street lights, but was very dark in this stretch of road. The dusk sky was still illuminating along with the stars in the backround. Not sure if there was any light from the moon. The main source of light was coming from the craft.

Full Description & Details

I grew up in Bethel CT and was 17 at the time of the sighting during the summer of 1982. There were actually 2 different occasions within the same 2-3 mile radius that occurred that summer which I will never forget. Like most people who have witnessed a UFO, I have kept it to myself for the most part, not wanting to share what I saw for fear that people might think I'm crazy or lying.

I cannot remember which happened first - the sighting or another strange phenomenon I witnessed (along with my boyfriend) but I will describe both, starting with the UFO sighting.

My boyfriend lived in Newtown CT and we were in separate cars driving to my house in Bethel, CT on a summer evening, probably between 9-11 pm. He was following behind me. It was a clear night and I had my window rolled down. Something in the sky caught my eye from my left side car window. When I looked up, I saw the faint outline of what appeared to be the front part of a saucer shaped UFO. It had the dim lights on the underside which helped to outline the form of it. I remember they looked more square shaped and fairly large, different from a round shaped light that might come from an airplane. It was not moving, which was the most alarming thing about what I was seeing It was quite large. I was still driving but slowed down considerably as I would look at the road and then look up at it. Hoping my boyfriend would see it, I reached my arm out of the window, pointing up to it as I was hitting my brakes. He backed off so I wasn't sure if he saw it. After that when I looked up I no could no longer see it. It could be that I had driven too far past it, or it could have moved. I felt at the time it was because I had driven past it.

I was too afraid to stop. When we arrived at my house I immediately asked my boyfriend if he saw what I was pointing at. He said no. I told him I thought I saw a UFO and was trying to get him to look up. He said when he saw my car swerving all over the road he backed off. I was very disappointed that he didn't see it and knew at that point there was no sense getting into what I saw with him. I dropped it shortly after.

Another incident that happened that summer was just as strange. My boyfriend and I were parked in a car in the same area on the border of those 2 towns. After being parked for about 1/2 hour, I started my car and drove out to the main road. While I was driving on Route 302, the same road where I saw the UFO, I was seeing large particles bouncing off of the pavement like hail. It was a clear night, around the same time, between 9-11 pm, and it was again warm. There was no precipitation coming from the sky. It was more like the particles where already on the ground bouncing, as opposed to dropping from the sky. They were about the size of small hail and and silvery white in color. I decided to ask my boyfriend if he saw what I saw, and he responded 'yes, what is that?' I asked him to describe it just to be sure he wasn't going to trick me or pretending to know what I was talking about. When he described it, I knew I wasn't seeing things. We were driving though it hoping it would end because there was no rational explanation for it and we were very confused. After about a mile or so it faded out and stopped.

Strangely we never brought it up to one another ever again after that . We broke up a couple of months after, but I doubt he has forgotten about it after all of these years.

I've always had very good eyesight and feel as though these sightings were tangible and real. My fear at the time prevented me from stopping to further experience what I was seeing. Even though I still feel the same since the incidents there are a couple of things that I have thought may or may not have any bearing or relation to these events. The first is - about 2 years later, I became very sick with an illness that I have never fully recovered from. Another is I have a heightened sense of awareness around things involving my safety. Intuitive things that have saved me from things like break-ins to my house. I also find that sometimes people places or things pop into my mind that I haven't thought about in quite some time, then I soon come into some kind of contact with them not long after. Don't know if these things have an relation to what I saw/experienced, but who knows.

I would be very interested in hearing or reading about other sightings from people in the area that summer.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Because it was hovering so low and not moving, it was a very alarming sight. It looked very smooth, round and flat from the underside. I can't imagine it was anything man-made that I have ever seen.

Witness Background

I was 17 at the time, a high school student. I graduated high school and went on to college. Have been self employed for many years.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I have never been interested in the topic before or after. I realized after the sighting that it was something I would not be able to share with anyone. I may have discussed it with a handful of people in an offhand way since it happened. My ex-boyfriend did witness the hail-like sighting, so i would be interested in talking to him to see if he remembers the incident. Being as young as we were we probably didn't feel as if there was anything we could do with the information.

Other Comments

Not sure where this info is going. I'm hesitant to give too much info about myself until I know what you are doing with the info. I thought I would share it to let other people who may have seen the same UFO during that time, that they are not alone.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

just my boyfriend that night

Your Location: 

Bethel , CT



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