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UFO Sighting Report


July, 1980


irvine, ayrshire, United Kingdom


it was a ufo in the sky during the day its early afternoon it was a saturday because wee allways visited our grandad on that day in springside.

Date Reported:

10/25/2011 6:09:11 AM

Sighting Time: 

earlie afternoon



No. of Witnesses: 

4 people


3 to 4 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

well it was shaped like an american football or a rugby ball, it was a shiney color like metal like a polished metal very bright when the sun reflected of it,it had squareish black windows at the top of it, and below it had some portholes round shaped i don't no how many portholes there was,it was also quiet you couldn't hearit at all...

Size of Object(s)

well wee were about 100 feet from it maybe more maybe less,so if i had to measure it with my fingers it would be about 3 or 4 inches with my arms stretched out,now to try and work out the size of it this is hard maybe 20 or 30 feet this is a tuffy one chaps i think...

Description of Area / Surroundings

it was an old railway line with trees on both sides of it you could say that it was out on the country because springside is a small vilage and its surrounding area was just fields and some farms,there were no military bases or power plants nothing like that ....

Full Description & Details

my name is scott mc nelis and this is what wee all saw with our eyes,.... whare do i begin it was that long ago,well the year was 1979 i was 10 years old it was a saturday i really don't no the date,saturday was a special day because our family got together on that day wee all met at our grandmother and grandfathers house in springside

just for a get together,i really loved saturdays because my grand father would take us out for a walk down the old railway line it was an abandoned railway,anyway there was me mysefl scott, and my big brother tommy, and my big cousin kenny, and my grandfather we set out our walk down the old railway line, wee walked for just over 10 minutes when wee saw this object in the sky wee stopped and staired at it, the best way i can describe it was, it was like an american football or a rugby ball disc shaped it was a shiney metal color like as if it was polished because you could see the sun reflecting of it, it also had like kind of square windows these were blacked out as if they were coloured black and also there were round like portholes round it aswell just below the windows, i couldn't see any lights on it, it was so silent you could not hear a sound nothing at all it was weird all you could hear was birds chirping whare wee were it is so quite it was like being out in the country so quiet,anyway al try and described to yous how high it was im not that really good with measurements but i reckon it was roughly about 300 to 400 feet i think, it was so low you could make out what it was no problem, it was no plane or helicopter it was definatley a disc shaped object,the speed it was doing was very slow my calculation is that it was doing about 20mph that slow it just hovered by us, wee were about 100 feet from it on the ground after about 30 seconds or more wee got really frightened so wee ran a wee bit into the side os trees that were on both sides of us wee just sat there and watched it hovering away from us,wee watched it going away from us in the distance, till it eventually just faded away into the distance.ive described this to the best of my knowledge and swear on my childrens life that what wee saw was real and there

it was a ufo i wish wee had a camera with us on that day but a camera in that day was a luxury to us,thats why now im a beleiver ive saw it with my own eyes very young though and frightning,you's guys and girls can think what you like but im telling the truth in gods name...

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

it wasn't no plane or helicopter or blimp, birds,planets,or anything like that, this thing was not manmade either, this object was so real unbeleivable it was a ufo flying saucer if you like wee no what wee saw i no its hard to beleive but its the gods truth...

Witness Background

im 42 i am an electronic engineer i was self emplyed but i had to give my job up because of my illness i have bad anxiety.......

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

i knew nothing about ufos or anything like that, i was only 10 years old but from that day what i saw i beleived in ufos, i am now 42 year old now and thats why i no it was a ufo wee seen , i love anything to do with ufos or strange objects in the sky,i no theres fakes aswell....

Other Comments

ok what i told you was the gods honest truth i swear,now to the best of my knoledge ive told you everthing, about the distance and height and measuring with my fingers you can work it out but thats what i thought it was thats the only thing that im not sure of it was a long time ago and i was onlya young boy,just thought i needed to tell you this...

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scott mcnelis

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