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UFO Sighting Report


October, 22, 2011


Romeoville/Joliet, Illinois, United States


These were mutiple sightings over the course of 3 days

Date Reported:

10/26/2011 3:01:37 PM



No. of Witnesses: 


Full Description & Details

UFO Encounter Romeoville Illinois October 22, 2011

An account of happenings as it was experienced by Sharon Bick

Timeline between 1745 - 1930

I was driving home to Joliet on I-355 from Chicago about a mile north from the ramp for I-55 South I noticed a red glowing laser like orb up ahead that I thought may be on a tower but as I got closer it was hovering directly over my lane on the expressway about maybe 50 feet in the air and as I passed it I had to hang my head out the window to look up and get a better look at it but all I saw was a bright red light like that of a laser it was almost hard to look at and appeared as though it was somewhat transparent.

I was going to turn around hoping it was still there to get a picture but as I merged onto I-55 south I noticed three star like craft in a triangle formation in the distance. I continued to drive and exited the Bolingbrook ramp in hopes to find a quiet area to take pictures but there was too much traffic in the area and no place to really situate myself so I got back onto I-55 and I noticed now there were only two in a side by side formation and the 3rd one traveled somewhat south of the other two. I continued to notice an excessive amount of air traffic in the area and thought that to be very odd for that time of day. I exited at Weber Road and I drove about 1/2 mile and pulled into a subdivision and noticed some people standing on the corner so I figured I would find another spot to take pictures. All the while I was noticing several ufos that resembled bright stars or planet such as Jupiter and they probably would have gotten away with that if I didn’t notice that aside from being able to hover they can change colors and fly too it seemed as though this area of Romeoville was the hot spot for some odd unexplainable activity in the sky.

I pulled out of the subdivision and back onto Weber Road I quickly saw a mini mall to the right north of Airport Rd. I pulled into the back of the lot but right before I turned I noticed, and it only lasted a split second I saw what resembled a falling star but then I thought no it can't be. Not that close, so the next thing I can compare it to is when a firework hot ash comes down from the sky but goes out before touching the ground. This happened only about 20 feet in front of my vehicle, very strange. What else is very strange was my reaction which was oh…..wow, and nothing more.

I feel at that moment something with that “falling star” prepared me for what I was to experience next. I pulled in behind a mini-mall Aldis to be exact and then things start to happen. I witnessed a craft in the sky another one of those starlike looking things. It moves forward directly toward me which kinda scared me a bit thinking it saw me and was coming to beam me up into the spacecraft but it was high in the sky and about ½ mile up maybe, I’m guessing here. From that moment it begins to hover and change colors turning blue, purple, red, blue, purple, red then things get a little fuzzy, I think I see another craft descend or it may have already been on the ground. It rises up and then back down behind a subdivision across Airport Road which would be south of where I was. It seems to almost dance up and down side to side in between and behind the houses. It looked like a mass of light blue red and white that formed the object. I was shocked and amazed at what I was seeing and immediately headed south out of the parking lot and west down Airport Road about a mile till I reached the subdivision and then headed south turning into the subdivision all while trying to keep my eyes on this object so I didn’t lose it. This is NOT my character, I do NOT go out chasing the unknown especially setting out alone by myself to do so. That is why I believe that “falling star” had something to do with changing my mind set. I was more struck with awe and amazement than fear. When I pulled into the subdivision on Ritchfield Trail activity seemed to stop I made a right down Fiddyment Drive and drove about 3 houses down and when I peered between two houses on my left I seen the craft raise up just enough that I was able to see it. I felt like I was frozen paralyzed. I could only sit there with my mouth hanging open. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was unreal, nothing I have ever experienced before It seemed almost like a hologram. The colors it displayed were like that of a laser and somewhat transparent. It was large maybe about 15X15 and gave off no residual light. Everything remained dark around it. It didn’t reflect of the houses but the light was so bright I again almost had to look away. It was hard to look at just like the red orb on the highway earlier. The object looked like the shape of a lopsided letter v. It had a blue arm and a shorter red arm, and I think I saw some white, I can’t be sure, but as fast as I saw it, it was gone. It just disappeared. Now if there was any part of this experience when I could have possibly lost time, blacked out, or somehow my thoughts been manipulated it would have been during this encounter, because quite honestly I think they may have attempted to do something to my memory to make me forget this encounter because it’s the one part that is not very clear in my memory like everything else is.

I am almost positive that whoever or whatever was responsible for this knew I was there and I felt I saw something I wasn’t supposed to and it was not intended for me to see this. At that point I started to feel quite uneasy. I turned my car around in the direction so if I had to make a quick and speedy get away all I had to do was floor it. I soon reclaimed my bravery and decided to sit there and see if anything else happened. I hear a steady hum and as I looked up into the sky I notice is a low flying diamond shaped craft flying overhead west to east. It was low enough that I could tell this was not an airplane. The bottom side had no lights it was dark grey in color and had markings on it also, the top of the craft had parts that were of a reddish orange color that I could see but still not identifiable as airplane parts. The top side of the craft appeared to be lit up.

For some reason, and again out of my character I decided to investigate back behind the subdivision where I saw the object on the ground previously so I drove down Ritchfield Trail south back behind the subdivision to see if I could see anything. It was dark with a large field on one side and houses on the other. I didn’t get far as fear of being watched took over so I turned back. I continued to stay in the area about another 15 minutes observing the odd craft in the sky.

As I drove home I noticed some craft in the sky which seemed to be following me back to Joliet. Again I pulled into the parking lot of Southern Belle Restaurant . As I parked I noticed an small orange orb about 30 feet in the air about 60 feet from me on the north east end of the parking lot. I didn’t think much of it for a split second and then it registered that that was out of the ordinary and when I looked back at it the orb had vanished. When I looked up in the sky the craft had went in another direction. I just can’t rationalize any of what I experienced that night. Suddenly this fear of them following me and apparently wanting something to do with me took over I called my son, ex-husband, both of my daughters but no one would answer. Finally my daughter called me. I told her to come over but she said she had a paper to do so I went to her house but did not say why over the phone. I figured if they can keep track of me on the ground they surely will track my phone and conversations. When arrived at her house I showed my pictures and video to her and her boyfriend and I’m not sure whether they believed me or not but I needed to tell someone and get it off my chest. When I got home I immediately went online to the MUFON site to write a report my experience. I also had my cell-phone next to me in the living room where I always get a good signal. At about 10:25 pm I happened to look at my phone and noticed a voicemail message was sent to my phone at 10:22. My phone normally displays the number that called even if it goes to voicemail. This time it did not so I had no clue as to who or where the call came from. I called my voicemail and all the message had on was the sound of some muffled voices and the humming sound of something completing a circuit. I wonder if they were checking to see who I have talked to, or have they now tapped my phone?

Romeoville UFOs 10/23/2011

An account of happenings as it was experienced by Sharon Bick

I tried to get to sleep but I only got about 2 hours and I was up at 0430. I couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened to me just hours ago.

1130 I decided to go back to the subdivision and see if there were any remnants from the night before that I could identify with. I pulled into the Lakewood Falls subdivision and drove down Ritchfield Trail to the end of the field on my left. I got out of my vehicle to walk the outside perimeter on the north side. I didn’t see anything unusual till I got up to the end of it near the playground. I noticed some of the grasses on the perimeter was pushed down and a darker color than the rest of the brush and it had the shape of the thing I saw the previous night shaped like a lopsided V. I took some pictures and walked back to my vehicle. I then drove over to Fiddyment Drive where I had witnessed the thing the night before between the two houses. I happened to see a man outside the front of his house and for the risk of looking like a complete nut case I decided to see if he could give me any more information. I approached him and introduced myself. I started to tell him that I had been in the area last night and had seen some interesting activity. He immediately interrupted me with “Are you talking about the” blue light” in the sky?” I was speechless. He went on to tell me that the “blue light” in the sky is a common occurrence and has been happening just about every weekend for the past year and a half. He said it hovers about maybe 2 blocks southwest of his house and it changes colors blue, purple, red, orange and looks to be about maybe 100 feet in the air. I asked him why he or anyone else hadn’t reported this. He said that he really didn’t think much of it and actually thought it might be a remote control type toy someone had because it’s usually only seen between 1900 and 2100. In addition to that there is also the airport east of his home, but to the best of my knowledge we currently don’t have anything flying the friendly skies that resemble anything I had been seeing over the course of the past two days. He said last night he came into his kitchen to get his kids a snack and he looked out the window and saw the” blue light” in the sky. He said he even called the kids down from their room and told them” Guess what k ids the UFO is back.” They to peered out the window to look at it and that was it no real reaction to it according to him. I found their reaction to be very odd to me. Who in their right mind is going to see some mysterious blue light that changes colors for a year and a half and it doesn’t raise any suspicions, doesn’t talk to the neighbors to get their take on it? I mean seriously???? I explained to him that there was much more going on in the area besides that “blue light”. I told him what I saw and my feelings on the whole experience. I let him listen to the voicemail recording that I received last night. He said it sounded strange like something that was oscillating, some sort of frequency of some sort maybe. I gave him my number and asked him to stay in touch in regards to the “blue light” or if he notices anything else unusual. He said now that he has spoken with me he will definitely call me and put the camcorder on a tripod on his back deck next weekend and try to get it recorded.

1730 I leave my home in Joliet to go back to Romeoville to try and capture more pictures and video. I tried to give myself enough time to be able to go to Target to pick up a tripod. When I got to Romeoville it was about 1750 and I pulled into Starbucks to get a cup of coffee before I go to Target. I placed my order at the drive thru only to realize I left my house and walked out the door without my purse, money, and phone. Let me just say here, I have NEVER in my life done that. My thought was hmmmmm…was I manipulated in some way that caused me to forget and leave my belongings at home on the kitchen table to stall my arrival? I raced home to get my purse and other stuff and then back to Romeoville. I think I was back by 1825. I ran into Target got my tripod and coffee from the Starbucks inside the store and no sooner did I get in my car to start heading to the same location from last night there they were. First I seen one bright starlike craft hovering west of Target then it disappears then another appears just north of the first one then I look around and more are slowly coming into view from all directions. I proceeded across Weber Road westbound on airport road and turned into the parking lot behind Aldis. I immediately changed my mind and drove further down Airport Road into the subdivision and down Ritchfield Trail. I parked on the furthest end of the field south of the subdivision. I turned my vehicle off and waited. I took pictures and some video of some of the craft flying overhead but unfortunately being by myself and it being pitch back outside I didn’t feel comfortable getting out of my vehicle and setting up the tripod. I certainly had the feeling I was being observed on several occasions that night. There were these strange lights or I should say they appeared to be lights located in the field from what I can tell. I watched them as they would dim or totally go out when a vehicle or someone was passing by just like the craft in the sky. Some of the craft you would see this bright blinding light as bright as the brightest star you have ever seen ad then when they would get over a busy area they would dim out and you would see a green light on one side of the craft and red on the other. It was difficult to make out the outline of the craft and if they passed low enough you could hear a slight humming noise that sounded like a fan but even though they were flying somewhat low you still could not identify the body of the craft. These craft are smart! They know when they are being observed and the exact distance they need to be so as not to be identified. It also seemed that they moved their operations a little further west of where I was. There was no significant activity to speak of in the subdivision. No blue hovering lights just craft mostly flying from east to west. This activity was consistent the whole 2 hours that I remained in the area. At one point I decided to drive a little further down the street and I saw a couple walking down the sidewalk. I stopped then and asked if they noticed anything unusual in the sky lately and the looked at me like I had a screw loose. The man said “Well there is the airport east of here you know.” I told him if the craft that I’m seeing is coming out of that airport then I want to be the first to buy a ticket for a ride on one of those blue lights that hang around here. He said he never noticed any blue lights. They kept walking and I checked myself to insure I didn’t go stopping anymore random people out for their evening stroll and risk being questioned by police or worse be abducted and disappearing never to be seen again for opening my big mouth. I really was surprised by the few residents I did talk to and their reactions that I had gotten. It’s like Stepford, Connecticut where the Stepford wives lived, remember the movie where all the women were mindless docile robots? Well welcome to Romeoville Illinois! Could these people be under some sort of…..call me crazy but, mind control of some sort??? I sat in my vehicle a little while longer in the dark next to the open field watching the craft fly in and out east and west. Tonight there were some craft that looked like a triangle that was capable of moving quite fast through the sky. They were completely illuminated on the underside and I could see a green and white light. Unfortunately they were flying at an elevation that made their shape or any identifiable markings unattainable. I noticed at one time a flash of bright light behind me and as I turned to my right I could see someone’s yard that backs up to the field illuminated form the sky but this was for maybe 2 seconds and then it was gone. I didn’t see any craft that could have shone that light so I really have no idea where it came from or why. I continued to observe those lights across the open field as they would be as bright as the craft I would see flying through the sky and then dim or go out. I really think this is some sort of monitoring being conducted and it wasn’t the only place I have seen them. I think whoever is behind all this they have technology that allows them to blend in, morph, or match their surroundings so if you were two feet in front of them you wouldn’t know it. I know, I know, crazy stuff but that is my theory based on what I have witnessed.

I seen some craft hovering just southwest of my location so I went to investigate. I drove west down Airport Road and the headed south down South Michael Drive to Helen Drive. When I arrived at the T in the road I noticed a small clearing just to my left across Helen Drive and saw a light that seemed to be suspended in the middle of the clearing. I looked at it and mumbled I see you and continued west down Helen Drive. I arrived at a dead end, a corn field and saw several craft just hovering it seemed over the corn field. I began to get that dreaded your being watched feeling and decided to leave the area. As I approached South Michael Drive I looked in the direction of the light in the field and wouldn’t ya know it, it moved a little higher maybe 4 feet up. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

I decided to head home when I arrived I told my 19 year old son about what I saw and he said take me to go see these UFOs. So we hopped in the car and I didn’t get 5 blocks from my house and we started to see several craft in the area over Joliet. The triangle ones the ones that are starlike small craft that had a little red light on them just flying randomly in the area. When we got home my son declared “Get out the telescope! I’m camping out in the backyard tonight!” My son is now convinced as I am there is more to this story than we know.

UFO Sightings over Romeoville and Joliet 10/24/2011

An account of happenings by Sharon E Bick

Ugh, this is getting to be almost too much for me. I’m beginning to feel that I am drawn to go out and document these strange crafts. Me and my son went out tonight and was witness to some more UFO activity over Joliet and Romeoville. It's just getting ridiculous, I mean they are everywhere. I don't get it, I'm the only one who sees these for what they are. The first part of this evening about 1930 tonight I was driving in my vehicle by myself at the corner of Ingalls and Larkin there is a Walgreens. Well one of these craft was just hovering over it right on the corner with a lot of traffic and the Walgreens had quite a few customers parked in their lot. I don't know how high it was in the air but close enough that I knew could easily see the detail of the craft if I got under it I would get a great picture. From the past experience with these they seem to be able to know my thoughts or geeze I don't know....they just know what I'm going to do before I do it. They are not stupid by any means. They have some sort of tracking or alert system in place to keep them from being identified along with the fact that they can morph and Disappear at will, your just not gonna win. So as I approach this thing in my vehicle I just kept saying to myself I don't see you and I didn't look at it thinking I’m gonna out smart it and as I past under it and scrambled to get my camera phone I turned my vehicle into the Walgreens parking lot looked up and around and it was gone then I looked down again and looked up and it was there again but it was flying away. These craft were everywhere I called my ex-husband to come meet me on the corner of Black Road and Larkin in Joliet to see this because they were just everywhere in the sky but my thought was watch, by the time he gets here they'll be gone and sure enough in probably less than 5 minutes he shows up and not a craft in the sky. My son called me and asked if I wanted to go look for UFOs so I met him at Menards on Weber Road in Crest Hill. We took some video of some craft flying overhead and then drove to the area in Romeoville where we drove to Romeoville and drove down Budler Road south till we got to a dead end and couldn’t go any further. We could see a large open field in front of us. We noticed many of these craft in the sky all around us so I turned off my lights and the radio and waited. As we sat there in amazement, we watched probably 60 of them and get this, fly over this open field at various elevations, they would very quickly slow down till they came to a stop. What happened next was unexplainable. These craft just hung there in mid air, dimmed their lights till they looked like a faint star in the sky and just stayed there suspended. We left after about 45 minutes of watching this. Just one after another like it was not going stop. We really expected a mother ship of some sort to come and scoop them all up and take them away but for the time we were there it didn’t happen. This is just crazy. Something is definitely going on around here. I don't know what but my son who is a sane 19 year old says it seems as though they are patrolling the area. For what???!!! After we came home we noticed they were flying over our house at a high elevation going east opposed to last night when we watched them from home they were heading south. Last evening I heard something that sounded like aircraft and I looked out my foyer window at about 2430 and I see a red orb twice in about 1 minutes time pass very quickly by my neighbors houses across the street from me. I'm getting seriously concerned and I almost want to move. I just feel something is going to happen. I'm telling you anyone can come out here any night of the week between 1830 and 2200 and see something in the sky over Romeoville and Joliet. It seems to be different craft each night too except for these low flying little ones with a red and white light. Seems as though maybe they are a look out of some kind for the larger craft. I just wish someone had an answer and quick because this is really starting to get to me. We need answers here in Illinois and quick! Something very serious is going on for all this air traffic to be in one spot. I feel I am flagged and they know exactly where I am, where I’m going, who I’m with, and whom I’m talking to. I know this sounds nuts but I’m not gonna be the one who regrets giving the population here a heads up on what I don’t know but you can try and decipher that answer.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?


Witness Background

I am 46 year old woman who is employed as a Construction Safety Manager. I have no history of metal illness and am quite sane. I am married and have 3 children. This is the first I have ever experienced anything like this and I would hope you will come and investigate this soon. Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone or through my email I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I have always been interested in the unknown and specifically UFOs. I have from time to time seen odd objects in the sky nothing extraordinary but none the less. I never put too much thought into it. My experience this past weekend has definitely taken any doubt whatsoever out of my mind. I wrote this detailed account so I would not forget any details while they are still fresh in my mind. I have not submitted this to anyone except MUFON and they say they will investigate. I am very concerned that this is not something we need to over look. After 3 days of this I am exhausted. I just want answers, but I am afraid once this gets out and publicized all activity that I have been witnessing will cease. I believe the government to be involved in this because each time I have driven home after a sighting I noticed a craft seem to follow me home, my son witnessed this also. I somewhat concerned for my safety and do not want to become anykind of target.

Other Comments

I do have pictures, drawings, and video but I do no have them with me right at the moment.

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