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UFO Sighting Report


april 1975


lucy/millington, tennessee 38053 USA


silent ,multi colored lights, 25 feet away,running ,lost time ,terror

Date Reported:

2/27/2004 8:07:22 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



15 seconds

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

i was about 11 years old, it was about 8:00 pm, my parents where in the living room with a guest and i was outside playing, coming from north to south at about 5 mph barley clearing the roof of our house {"single level pitched roof"} 100% silent, a large craft like every other description in the world its so cliche im sorry, but i cant describe it any other way than disc shaped,multi colored lights,it lit up the yard as bright as high noon,1 sweeping beam moving east to west,and it had some measure of detail,detail meaning not smooth, i knew instantly i was in deep trouble,so i started running across the yard. i was a chubby kid but doubt it would have mattered, but i was running away from house and i felt a level of fear i dont believe ive ever felt since, the next instance i was running toward the house, i ran thru the front door almost tearing the screen door off, i asked my mom and dad and their friend "DID YOU SEE THAT" they said no they saw nothing, heard nothing and i was in trouble for coming in late, it was now 10:35 they dissmissed it as a child making up a tale, i never did im 40 now !!!

Witness Background

electrician,high school, some college,

Other Comments

yes, if you could see my vivid memory of the few seconds you would have a real specific view.

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Your Location: 

edgewood NM , USA



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