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UFO Sighting Report


December, 18, 1997


Whiskeytown, California, California, United States


My brother and I sighted a UFO at the U.S. Forestry Visitors Center that overlook the Whiskeytown Lake in the town of Whiskeytown, California . I noticed a object hovering over the water near the east bank from the small lookout point that the Forestry Department has for visitors. The U.S.Forestry has a small area of a lookout site in front of the office ! As the visitors look NORTH one can see the Mount Shasta Trinity Mountains towering over everything. The Government Office is called the Visitors Center for all boating and camping permits in this area !

Date Reported:

1/11/2012 11:56:04 PM

Sighting Time: 

7:20 am



No. of Witnesses: 



11 minuets or more

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

From the point from where we were standing at the Visitors Center of the MAIN OFFICE of the U.S. Forestry Department. All visitors at the center are almost always facing the NORTH. The object looked like a bolar hat that men wore in the early 1900's It was black and had two struts that hung down like helicopter skids. The top of the craft was flat in a circular shape, just like the hat , and the craft left no noise or trial of exhaust ! It hobbled alot ! As if to fall-over on its side, but it never did fall-over. it rose-up in a verticle upward motion with total control and mastery of its movements. then sped away as if it knew we were about to take its picture !

Size of Object(s)

we were only looking from ONE side all the time, and it appeared to be about 40 feet in diameter, with the two skids to each side like helicopter skids

Description of Area / Surroundings

Just the Whiskeytown Lake and U.S. Forestry Department Visitors Center Headquarters at the visitors look-out-point -that's called the MAIN OFFICE of Whiskeytown Lake and Dept. of the Forestry . The SHASTA TRINITY Mountains face to the NORTH and the lake is below the Forestry Dept. Look-out Center ! MAIN HEADQUARTERS

Full Description & Details

Both my brother and I had cameras, but his was the better of the two ! I had asked my brother to look over to the east bank of the lake when I noticed what appeared to be a bolar hat hovering over 8 to 10 feet above the lake. As it hovered and skimmed towards the bank it would wobble a bit is it was drunk ! Not a steady hover but a tipsey turvey type of a wobble. For a moment I kept looking at it and it appeared to lift abit as if was a catamaran with two sides that almost touched the water ! But the bolar hat looking craft never did touch the water, instead it lifted exactly when I told my brother to look down there, as if they had heard me say this ? We were about 600 feet from it looking down at the lake , cause of the steep banks that goes straight towards the water., and a small brick wall to keep visitors from falling over the sides of the visitors look-out center ! The brick-wall is 3 feet high to seperate the visitors from falling down the hill ! A large U.S. Forestry sign kind of blocks the view looking north, and as I asked my brother to take a picture with his better camera thats a Minolta 101 series 35 mm , he shouted back at me saying WHERE STEVE WHERE ? As I pointed NORTH looking downward a bit , My brother was trying to find the thing with his glasses bumping the view lens finder ! My brother kept saying " I don't see it STEVE , tell me where ? " I told him just snapp the shot, snap the shot ! and HE DID without ever finding the craft with his own eyes ! So for 2 days we had wondered if we got it ?

To our surprise my brother Bobby did take an excellant shot of it speeding away and spectacular speeds, we both were dazed that he got the shot ! JUst as the craft was about to shoot away, my brother caught it as quick as it sped away ! He never had the chance to take another snapshot because of it's tremendoeus speeds and it's instantaneous speed MY BROTHER was so lucky he caught it as it accellerated out of photo PERIPHERY RANGE

of Minoltas lenses ! The edges of an MINOLTAS range is about 22 miles from side to side and in order for something to be out of range of focus is about 36 miles out of focus range of a cameras limits ! So we believe to be completly out of our sight is must be traveling in access of 3000 mile per hour to be completly out of our sight ! According to the limits of a cameras ability to capture an object leaving our focus range! It was booging out of fast !

We did wonder how it did this instantaneous acceration in a splint second ! IT WAS THERE then it wasn't ? We also wondered why did the craft wobble back and forth as if someone was drinking behind the wheel !

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

I've never seen a Catamaran Fly or a Bolar Hat fly ? So this is new to me and my brother ! WE also have a photograph of it , and so does the resturante of " The Little Ali Inn " in Rachel Nevada ! The owners wanted my brother's photograph, and so we gave them one !

Witness Background

I was born July 20th 1952 at 7:30 am , I was a MEDIC in the Navy as a HOSPITALCORPSMAN 3rd class, U.S. Marines, and U.S. Coast Guard .

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I believe we come from from something else than us ! A higher order of intelligence, dropped-us off . Why are we so different than all the creatures on this earth ?

Other Comments

My Mother said that I was always followed as a child, by strange vehicles that would come to our house ! She even told me about the day I was born that an earthquake struck the very second I was born , and that Washington DC had been invaded the very day of my birth ? July 20 1952. She also said that the very seconds that I was born , the maternity ward shook so hard, that all the Doctors and Nurses ran out of the room to save their own lives, while she was tossed up and down across the room and everthing was falling off the shelves ! as her gurney slammed up against the wall, a bright light had filled the room ! and she said she fainted from fear and stress of having me shoot-out ! That i was the chosen one that would understand our exsistance on this earth ? I still don't really understand what my Mother tried to say to me ?

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