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UFO Sighting Report


December, 2011


Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand


Three blue lights in triangular formation hovering above my apartment complex in town, I've seen these lights over Dunedin on and off for a few months now. After floating around in this triangle formation another brighter white light orb flys around the sky at high speed (much faster than any air

Date Reported:

1/18/2012 6:20:41 AM

Sighting Time: 

7pm - 4am depending on the night.



No. of Witnesses: 

1-6 depending on which time


10 minutes- 20 minutes

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Blue Triangle Formation - These ones are vibrant blue, very bright in colour. Not neon, but if were to have a blue light bulb, very very blue. They are often the most far away UFOs I have seen and so it is hard to determine they're shape. The blue light they omit is definitely orb shaped however this could be an optical illusion. Regardless, they always form a triangle and they are always in groups of three. The triangle however is not equilateral; it changes shape depending on how it moves, it is as if the lights sort of hover around, maintaining a clear triangle shape. White Lights - These are much further in the foreground than the blue lights, sometimes they are very high up but i've seen them before as low as you would expect to see a helicopter flying on top of an emergency landing pad on top of Dunedin Hospital (the main hospital in my city). They make no noise when they move and are always orb shaped, if not slightly ovular. This is horizontally ovular though, similar to a water melon. They can move very quickly at make incredibly sharp turns without any apparent braking. They do not often fly in straight lines, more often than not they fly in a long curved line. When I have seen them in the sky they move incredibly fast, unlike any airplane etc. They literally make U-turns and 90degree turns with ease. If they are stationary they flutter and hover around, similarly to a moth does to flame, or how a butterfly or bumblebee moves when it is trying to maintain a level flight. They definitely move like bumble bees.

Size of Object(s)

1-3cm depending on encounter.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

As high as you would expect to see a commercial airplane. Unsure of actual distance.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Rural and urban.

Full Description & Details

For the past six months myself and a group of friends have been observing the sky. We're a grounded bunch of people, none of us are into drugs, nor do we get wasted often, we're a pretty sober bunch. I decided i'd keep an eye out because it began to really interest me. I keep seeing these three blue lights in a triangular formation, they move together in a similar way that birds do when they fly together, but in a triangle rather than an arrow. The lights sort of hover around in a free from fashion and they move at high speed, however generally they are quite stationary, only moving a little. These lights are high in the sky, not as high as the stars, they are clearly in the foreground. These blue lights often tend to flicker as well, although it is hard to tell if this is because of clouds etc or not. I've seen these blue light triangles all over Dunedin generally past 7pm, dependent on the weather. I've seen them behind clouds, I've seen them in pitch black night without light pollution. It's insane. Every time I witness a blue triangle shape I always see another bright white light. It is as if the blue light triangle is a signal or a beacon for directions.

The white lights are orb shaped and clearly lower in the sky than the blue lights. They move at very high speeds, one can cross the entire sky in less than 30 seconds. They almost flutter around like a bumblebee does but are capable of making 90 degree turns without decreasing in speed. They often go in a sort of S shape, similarly to how dolphins jump in and out of the water. I've seen white lights like this MANY times now, more than 25 at-least. I am certain they're not airplanes, satellites, or helicopters due to the direction and speed in which they move in; they're also much too close to the ground to be stars or asteroids etc. If one is moving slow, it's as if there is no air resistance when it accelerates to a high speed. It can go from moving as slowly as an airplane would to as fast as a shooting star in one second. These white lights do not flicker, they are very bright, MUCH brighter and more dense than a star.

I have seen blue light triangle formations in the sky in the following locations

Dunedin City Centre,

Rotary Park

Andersons Bay High school,


Signal Hill Lookout

I have seen the white light ufos in the sky in the following locations

Dunedin City Centre, St Andrew Street (we have an open top balcony at our apartment)

Dunedin City Centre, Meridian Mall Carpark

Rotary Park, on top of the water tank (there is 6M tall water tank me and friends climb on top of on clear nighs)

Andersons Bay High school,


St Clair Beach,



Signal Hill Lookout

It probably seems insane but I've seen these a lot now and there is never any visual inconsistency.

The white lights are fast and bright, they move like incredibly fast bumble bees.

The blue lights form a triangle and ALWAYS come in groups of three. Sometimes there are two groups of three. They hover around and never move much further than 2cm if you were to outstretch your arm and place your index finger in the centre of the triangle.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

No, absolutely not. After having studied the sky for so long now it is easy to tell if a light is a plane, helicoptor, shooting star, weather balloon. There is no way they can be man made, I do not believe humans have even made things that can travel as fast as these do.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Not a great deal until I started seeing the same light formations, being able to tell them apart from other things. Generally I call bullshit to anything I see online and so I'd never really thought about it. I still wouldn't believe anything I read online purely because I'd need to see it with my eyes to believe it. With photo editing etc now days it is too hard to trust anything that is a video, however I have had a look around a LOT online and I've found videos they are exactly the same to the blue light formations I've seen. These have been in London, Japan, China, and Chicago.

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Reported To: 

Friends and family.

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