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UFO Sighting Report


April, 1993


Wollongong, NSW, Australia


A very large hang-glider shaped craft flew over Wollongong heading north to south at midnight on (i think) the 23.4.93. Seemed very high in the sky and was visible for about 30 seconds. The craft had no lights, was silent, and flew acroos the sky in a straight line.

Date Reported:

2/13/2012 11:26:17 PM

Sighting Time: 

12.00 midnight



No. of Witnesses: 



about 30 seconds

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

Hang-glider shaped, silhouette only, no lights or sound.

Size of Object(s)

The relative size was about 4 moon diameters,which would be about two degrees from wingtip to wingtip. If it was at the height it appeared to be it's actual size must have been enormous. Far larger than the planes which fly over from Sydney Airport.

Description of Area / Surroundings

Urban area, Wonoona a few km north of Wollongong and 60km south of Sydney. Large Airport in Sydney (Mascot) and a Naval base with an air wing 50km south at Nowra.

Full Description & Details

I was lying on a reclined banana chair stargazing around midnight, when a large dark shape moved into my field of vision from the north, visible because it was blocking out the stars. When it crossed the Milky Way I got a good look at its shape, which was very similar to that of a hang glider. It looked very high in the sky because it ther seemed much air glow between me and it. It was about three- four moon diameters from wingtip to wingtip. It disappeared over my roof and I ran to the south side of my house in time to see it dissappearing into the light haze over Wollongong, still very high in the sky. I tried to get my partner outside to see it but it was gone too quickly. From the direction it came from it must have flown directly over Sydney. I reported it to my local radio station the next morning and they rang me back later in the day saying that they'd checked with the Airport and military and that neither were aware that the craft had flown over.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

Definitely some kind of constructed craft. Could be man-made but definitely not conventional. Have seen lots of aircraft flying out of Sydney for many years, but have never seen anything like this before or since.

Witness Background

Farm Forestry Worker. Worked as a research assistant for the farm forestry project run by the University of Wollongong. Almost completed a BSc (Zoology)

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I am open minded about UFOs. I had read a few books on them during the fad in th '70s

Other Comments

I did a sketch and took notes on what I saw the next morning, but I have misplaced them. If I find them I will photocopy them and post them to you.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

ABC radio Wollongong


Glenn Laird

Your Location: 

Wollongong, NSW, Australia



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