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UFO Sighting Report


I had found a book which I'm unfamiliar with before year 2000


Orlando, Florida, United States


Around 1982, I had just walked into our family room and at the northwest corner of the room, which is only less than 8 feet and sits our small couch. It is a couch which could never possibly seat more than two people at best. I had such an odd vision I guess you'd say, there were four astronauts seated on the couch holding a remote device. Well, I immediately knew this remote was being used to view the environment immediately past the south wall where the television is located. It was obvious to me they were carrying on, laughing, well, I guess you'd say behaving like children. I still haven't caught on, but just tonight I believe I found who one of the four psychonauts is.

Date Reported:

3/14/2012 1:02:18 AM

Sighting Time: 

12:00 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



One day

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

There was so much carrying on and childish outrageousness it was hard to see the two devices they were in possession of, but these are briefly described above. It was a blue color. If there was a craft involved, it could have only approached from one of two directions, both on the coast of Florida and both of which have nothing at all to do with NASA.

Size of Object(s)

These are tiny things, about 2 inches across. The actual size of the object would be the size of an average south facing wall in a room, but I don't think the wall is transparent or anything like that.

Description of Area / Surroundings

It was inside our home. The current surrounding area is like Haiti, with a little more forest. It is a rural area. Yes, there are sites and features near the area.

Full Description & Details

I just watched part of The Devil I Know about the serial killer in Onondaga county. Although the serial killer in Onondaga NY does not at all resemble any of the four astronauts, or four psychonauts, I believe the Onondaga county NY serial, known for his prevalent moustache, is not who he appears to be and seems to remind me of someone who was here near what is now our home, at one time. It was the childish behavior while they were using their remote which gave it away. The Onondaga county killer's wife is okay by me, but the reminds me of George Hodel because it looks like him. What I don't understand is how four psychonauts can fit on a couch in such a small space, about 6 feet by 3 feet.

I went to California after seeing something described above, and lo and behold, actually did see honest-to-god ufos out there. Before I had left to California, I was with a friend who also saw the ufos at night out at the cape in Florida. We were at Mosquito Lagoon. We both agreed on what we saw. I no longer see this friend. His dad worked for NASA.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

No, because four people cannot sit themselves in the area where the couch is. Plus the fact I would never keep guests like them in my presence, especially the Onondaga county serial killer.

Witness Background

I'm currently in landscaping and had lost my job at Sea World years ago because I was late for work one day. I went to school at a community college, and a vocational tech college. I have no training except as a cashier, a job which I hate with a passion and I'm no longer employed with. I have some friends who are cashiers, in fact, many of them are. Home Depot, Lowes, GNC. And a lawn service company in or near Santa Barbara California with a gentleman named Teak Maas, who lived there at the time.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

Both Roswell, Exeter, and Area 54 I think it's called, are off limits to me. I'm not allowed to dwell on these but have read some on Exeter, New Hampshire.

Other Comments

There's more, another entirely different ufo siting.

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PJ Shimkonis

Your Location: 

Orlando FL

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