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UFO Sighting Report


December, 10, 2008


United Kingdom


On December 10th 2008 I was travelling alone, by car from Westleton to Southwold. I had just pulled onto the A12 at the White Hart Pub, heading for Southwold. I saw a bright 'star' that changed into a metallic oval, then a sphere, which shot sideways at incredible speed, then forwards, and disappeared behind trees.

Date Reported:

4/8/2012 4:08:37 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



30 seconds?

Appearance / Description of Object(s)

First caught my intention as a very bright, intense white star like light. Then 'light went off' and in its place was a silvery metallic oval shape which changed to a sphere when it shot sideways from left to right, then forward.

Size of Object(s)

relative size 1/4", no idea of actual size, but not big,

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

It was above tree line, but below low clouds 3-5 miles ahead of me?

Description of Area / Surroundings

This is a coastal area with tidal inlets, I was about 5 miles from Southwold which is a small fishing and tourist town. No military activity that I know of. The area is approx. 32 miles from Rendlesham Forrest

Full Description & Details

I am female and was 57 when I saw something unusual at 8.30am as I was travelling from Westleton to Southwold on December 10th 2008. I had just pulled onto the A12 at the White Hart Pub, heading for Southwold. Straight ahead of me, some distance off, and just under the cloud line, was a very bright 'star', hanging perfectly still in the sky. I was intrigued to see such a bright star in the daylight and was wondering which one it was. It was straight ahead, so I watched it for about 10 seconds, when it changed to an oval silver metallic object.

When the oval object started to move, it appeared spherical, (shadow on the underside like a ball) It shot across the sky at great speed towards the sea, then short forwards to follow the coastline towards Lowestoft. Then I lost sight of it as the trees on the side of the road obscured my view. The unusual aspect of this sighting was that there was no vapour trail as it flew in a relatively cloud free patch of sky and it moved away at very great speed. In a blink.

My father was in the RAF and I spent my childhood near runways. I am very familiar with the appearance of aircraft in flight, both military and civilian types.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?


Witness Background

I am retired now, but have done nursing and care work in the past. The only interesting fact is that I have lived on many RAF camps ( including Lindholme, Compton Bassett, Coltishall, Haverfordwest, Linton On Ouse) I attended Air Shows with my father, saw fighter aircraft overhead for 18 years and have a reasonably good idea of the usual time a fighter jet can cross my line of vision.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

I read a little about UFO's, but had only ever heard of 'saucers'. I had never read or heard about spheres, or the fact that UFOs can change direction in a second. I am convinced I have seen a UFO as it resembles photos on your website and moved at incredible speed.

Other Comments

Why I have reported this now, is because something struck me as strange about an email exchange I had at the time. I originally left a message on a Southwold news website and someone responded to say he was passing on my sighting to someone 'with an interest in UFOs' I was pleased, hoping for a 'chat' about similar sightings. I regret not keeping this email exchange because I got a very patronising and rather odd reply from the person with UFO 'interests'. He was unimpressed by me saying I had lived right next to military runways for 18 years. He said that he had once been on a golf course and had also been fooled by sunlight on an aircraft. Then he stated that there had never been one single verifiable sighting of a UFO EVER. I replied what about RAF pilots' experiences? What about astronauts? He did not reply.This struck me as an odd response from someone I had been told was an interested party. It felt more like a cynical debunker, or something more sinister and got me wondering WHO WAS HE?

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defunct amateur UFO website


Dorothy Land

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