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UFO Sighting Report


Jan. 1, 2004


Johannesburg, CA


a disk-like object showed up on one of my photos taken of the mountain scenery.

Date Reported:

3/7/2004 7:28:37 PM

Comments about the image(s): "Hi from California. I want to share with you a couple photos that I took on a trip to Ridgecrest, CA back on Jan. 1. This is a town next to the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station and at the northern edge of the Mojave Desert. I admittedly went there in hopes of seeing UFO's, as this part of the Mojave Desert is noted for UFO activity. The photos that I took were NOT of the objects in the sky (which I did not see at the time), but just of the mountain scenery. I obviously captured an airborn object on the photo of Red Mountain; and there is something in the other photo, as well, although it is very unclear because of the whitish cloud (?) around it. These are genuine photos, and you're welcome to the negatives if you like. Perhaps you can make out what the disk-like object is, but it seems wingless to me, and not a blimp."



No. of Witnesses: 



only in photo

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I am sending a photos of objects that I did not actually see, but caught on film. The one daylight disk(?) was taken about 11:00 am heading north toward Ridgecrest, CA. The other photo was taken early the next morning, facing the Scodie Mountains west of Ridgecrest. The photo of Red Mountain is certainly the more convincing of the two, since an object can be seen rather clearly upon enlargement. A friend of mine took a photo of the Scodie Mountains at the same time as me, and he also captured a blurry white object on film. Obviously there is no clear image seen in this white blur, but something must have made it.

Witness Background

I have a Ph.D. in music and work at a college bookstore.

Other Comments

I am definitely interested in UFO's and am looking for the truth about them. Obviously, this is not an easy task. I am suspicious that the Navy has close ties to UFO's (as I have read), so thought I would look around the China Lake Naval Weapons Station, which, strangely, is located FAR from the ocean and adjacent to the Mojave Desert. I was surprised that I captured something on film in that region, as I did not see anything while searching intentionally.

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Mike Burdick

Your Location: 

Placentia, CA



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