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UFO Sighting Report




holland, the hage


saucer in the sky that landed and time lost

Date Reported:

3/15/2004 8:11:09 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



26 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

i was walking whith my dog in the dawn whith some other friends uf me ,so we walked true a pad a lonley pad wher we never walked true, so one uf my friend began to look white and sad that ther was something in the sky, i lookt up i saw a big triangeler saucer it was black so one uf my friends had his camera whith him he filmed it for a coupele a minutes than the saucer was flying toward us we heard no sound when it was flying to us than wen it was 5 meters infront us , some very white light was shining in our face its like some took a picture uf use but right infront us,wen the flash was over ther was nothing we walked i look on my clock, wen the triangle saucer showed up it was 00.23 and after we got the flash in our face it was 02.36 i lookt up toward my friends i said we lost time he said no men lets look on your watch again i told him , dude we lost time about 2 ours , than we got al afraid we al went home and never spoke about it and my friend whit the tape uf the filming, he,s got weird cals from some men, he told me that they asked him about what he saw that night they told him that it was an ilusion i told him dude how can you get an illusion in the night he told me youre right this is weird lets take the tape to a safe place we gafe it to my uncel he told me after he saw the tape that i never must tell anyone about what is saw that night and that i never hafe to show the ttape o anyone and if we do he told , that we can get in some pproblems whith the goferment we told him he could keep the tape he eprisiated that, and know i tel you my story

Witness Background

im born in the year 1985 i life in holland im a student here at the haagse goge school my name is mohammed van waveren more i dont gife you its private

Other Comments

yes they ixcize belief me i experienced time los we filmed a black triangel in the sky that was flowting on one place until it came toward us the weird thing was it dident make a sound

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

to a girl i know she told if expierenced time los that means i had a ufo encounter

Your Location: 

holand, the hage



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