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UFO Sighting Report




Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA


I watched it move in the sky for 5 hours

Date Reported:

3/21/2004 7:09:03 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



5 hours

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I'm 29 years old and a third year law student in Houston Texas, and I am not insane. I had my doubts about the existence of UFOs until last week. I was alone in Big Bend National Park hiking, camping, and trying to enjoy my last Spring Break before I start to study for finals and the Bar Exam. I had already been camping in the park for several nights when, on March 16th, I traveled to a remote area of the park called North Rosillos. My plan was to climb the Rosillos mountains and camp at the summit for 2 nights. Because there are no trials in North Rosillos, I decided to drive to the trail head—30 minutes away from the nearest paved road—and sleep in my vehicle until starting the hike the next morning. The sky in the Chihuahuan Desert is remarkably clear at night, and as I laid down to go to sleep in the back seat at 8pm, an hour after dark, I saw a plane flying over with flashing lights. I thought nothing of it. Then I noticed a few minutes later that "the plane" was traveling in the opposite direction as before—it was going backwards. I sat straight up with a chill on my heart. I focused on the object and tracked it in the sky for about five hours before falling asleep. In all, it only moved in an arc from the south to the west, and then back again. At the risk of sounding trite, I'm pretty certain that it was, at least in its most fundamental structure, disc-shaped. It was encircled in a thick band of lights relative to its overall size. There were ancillary or smaller lights on the top of the craft that flashed when the craft revolved and exposed those lights. The band of lights, however, was constant, but multicolored. In fact, the variety of lights was very impressive. Most of the primary colors appeared. The band of lights was segmented into large blocks. The blocks did not change colors uniformly, rather in a delayed fashion. The UFO moved in the most peculiar ways, almost as if the craft were jogging (jogging in the sense that fishing vessels "jog", or try to hold or reserve a position overnight—fishermen engage the motor only to drive back to a certain spot, using the rudder to stay in place until the current pushes them too far away). Yet, the UFO would quickly drop altitude, fly vertically, horizontally, or even bounce like a firefly at other times. Its movements were purposeful, but not possible by a plane, helicopter, balloon, or any other man-made vessel. After five hours of observation, that much was certain. It freaked me out. I almost didn't climb the mountain because I was afraid of being abducted and experimented on. All those old stories were going through my mind as I climbed the next day. After all, the craft appeared to have been hovering directly over the Rosillos mountains and a neighboring range for the entire night. I did summit the mountain and did stay there for two nights, but I was too scared to leave my tent after dark. So I don’t know if the thing came back. That sounds silly, especially since I was nearly attacked by javelinas twice and had real dangers lurking out in the desert, but I have never seen anything like that before. I thought you might be interested. I can give more precise details of the location of the craft it you want them. I had a 7.5 minute topographical map. I can’t accurately tell you the altitude, however, because I don’t know how big the thing was. If it was 400ft long, it was probably very high, but if it was 50ft long, it was almost touching down on the mountain.

Witness Background

Graduate law school in May.

Other Comments

They are real.

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Matt Williams

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Houston, Texas, USA



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