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UFO Sighting Report


Month of June, 1969


Fasterholt (near Herning), Denmark, Europe


Personality meetings with the UFOs

Date Reported:

3/23/2004 9:05:13 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



More then 5 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

The meeting....

We came driving on our mopeds, two freinds and I, one evening in June 1969 (after a course on the youthschool), the time was around 21:15 which will say that the twilight was about to take place, when all three of us suddenly was overwhelmed by a strong whistling kind of sound right obove us, and a few seconds later we saw a large round object to the right.

The mopeds just stopped. I was very frightened, yes truely scared. My two freinds was scared too, none of us could say anything. Suddenly a UFO object stood entirely still, only about 50 meters from us, gliding in the air about 100 meters above the ground.

Became realy scared...

After some time (how long I don´t know, everything stood still - even time), the UFO started to move forward, only a weakly whistling sound could be heard. I started to breathe again. But shortly aften it stopped again. Then I was truely scared, never before in my life had I been so scared. My heart was pounding like never before, and the fear was rising.

Well I have heard people tell storyes about such beings and episodes, but until now, I thought that they were someone with a lively imagination and did not regard it as truthful. Now it all became reality.

After a periode of time - I can not explain how long, but around 5 minutes - the UFO started to move for a little bit, stopped shortly, and finally it glided away.

The meeting with the UFO object, took place 1,2 - 2 km. outside the city of Fasterholt, which is between Herning and Brande."

Don´t tell anyone what you have seen . . .

was my mothers remark, when I pale as a sheet, came running into the livingroom. I did not even dare tell my father about the episode.

Becourse the episode had been so terrifying, I had to go out and look into the sky.

I was very frightened when I oberved shineing objects, which changed from east to West in high speed, and made some unusual jumps. Again I ran into the house to my mother, and almost pulled her outside, to show her what was happening i the sky. But now she became realy angry and said: "Stop now, and dont look up into the sky, and dont talk to anyone about it. Dont tell anyone what you have seen, let it be a secret, or you might risk being described as crazy or even worse insane".

The airforce confirmed a UFO

The meeting with the UFO object took place about 17 km. south of Herning, 1,2 km. outside the city of Fasterholt. Fortunately we were not the only ones who had seen this flying object, however we were the only ones that had been so close to it.

A bus driver who observed the UFO-objektet 5 km. outside the city Lind which i around Herning, stopped the bus, there was 23 persons in it, and asked them to go outside and look up into the sky. Never before had they seen anything like it, some were vere scared. The UFO this people saw, was the one we had seen and it must have been flying from Fasterholt over the city of Lind/Herning.

The aitforce was contacted, and from here it was confirmed, that no planes was in the air, nore gliders or anything else, but that they too had observed the object on there radars.

Witness Background

I am System Ingenieer and working with the It branch, which I have done in more than twenty years.

Other Comments

With all the witness, there should not be anything to tell. Everything as I have told is 100% true.

I have enclosed an illustration aboyt what I (we) saw clearly, and I have enclosed a sketch, as show where in Denmark the observations was.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 



Poul Erik Nielsen

Your Location: 

Kolding, Denmark, Europe



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