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UFO Sighting Report




Norbonne-Plage, France


2 objects static in the sky, like eyes, with light in the center

Date Reported:

3/31/2004 7:22:51 AM



No. of Witnesses: 

more 100


20 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I am French.and happy to speak about that, because nobody believe me.

I lived, at this moment, near the beach in a city which name "Narbonne plage" in France, near the mediterranean sea.

It was 7 or 8 PM in this final august month. There was a balcony in the house just oustside the livingroom. We have listened people in the street speaking loudly. We went to this balcony to know what happened. In front of us, above the sea, we saw 2 objects, like two eyes (the same shape) each with a bright circle in the center. Many people in the street or in their balcony were looking at that. We took our binoculars to have a better vision of the phenomenon. I think they were at 500 meters, and 50 meters obove the sea. No sound. They stood static about 15 minutes. Then, the object on the left, grew dark and went away at full speed. Afer 30 seconds, the second one grew dark and went away at the same speed and to the same direction.

I called the Police. They said that they have received many calls....

About ten years ago, i was watching the news on the TV, and i saw a movie filmed in daytime by Russians soldiers. On this movie we could see exactly the same objects.

The commentator said that the 2 objects were filmed over a Russian miltary base and they stood static a lot of minutes. I was very surprised to live again this phenomenon.

Witness Background

Marketing manager Music Moto

Other Comments

I am interested to know if you have others evidences about i have seen.

I have found your website today and i take the opportunity to speak about i've seen.

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