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UFO Sighting Report


October, 1999


Central Square, NY. USA


Bright, stationary, high altitude light in the evening sky turning on and of at regular intervals.

Date Reported:

4/7/2004 2:38:48 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



15 min

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

While driving west on coutny route 49 in upstate NY. My daughter then 5 spotted a very bright light to our west very high in the sky. She drew my attention to it, and I thought (because the sun had just set) that it was sun light reflecting off an aircraft. The light was on for approxamatly 20 seconds then vanished. After arriving at our destination the high school to pick my son up from practice, I parked the car to take advantage of the light that now had gone off and on several times at this point. As we sat in the car I marked the spot with a bug smear on the windshield of the car and sat very still. Every time a west flying aircraft got in the vicinity of the object the light would go back on for about 20 seconds then dissapear. These aircraft were easily at 35,000 feet and out bound from Boston to points west. As I was an air traffic controller in the Navy and currently work for an airline I feel confident in this assesment.The object never moved it was in a perfect hover and appeared to be much higher than the airliners. There were other parents picking up thier children at this time and several noticed the light on thier own, all were pointing up at the light every time it appeared. this went on for at least 20 min's the only other explaination I can think of is a geosyncrinous satilite slowly turning and reflecitng back the sun at intervals to match the spacing of the west bound aircraft. Not very likley but possible.

Witness Background

I am 40 years old and work for a major airline. I worked in the Combat information center abord the Uss J.F.Kennedy CV-67 for four years. this job involved the use of radar and air traffic control of Us Navy aircraft.

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Your Location: 

Constantia, NY.