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UFO Sighting Report




Freemon, North Carolina, United States



Date Reported:

4/7/2004 11:17:50 PM



No. of Witnesses: 




No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Visiting a large farm close to Freemon, NC, a small country town 1 hr from Raleigh, me and a two local farmers, driving on a dirt road at 10 oclock' at night. Sudenly we saw two ligths, red, and green, approaching very slowly at apx 75 feet from the ground. We stoped the vehicle and got off. The object went over our heads at apx 15 mph, very close to us, we appreciated a third revolving pale yellow back ligth, and notice no signs on the fuselage, wich was made of a very white luminiscent material, a continuos surface with no joints, no rivets, no screws, we saw the front, the botom, its rigth side, and the back, it was shaped like an irregular tetrahedral (4 flat triangular sides), with smooth edges. Just like an upside down boat. No doors on the sides we could see, and only two very narrow windows up front, above the red and green "navigation" ligths. The UFO, we already had no doubt it was an UFO!, was about the 1 1/2 the size of our pick-up truck. It made no noise at all, and didn't made use of any known propultion means, its shape and the absence of large wings made it impossible for it to be flying at such low speed. Seems as if it could control gravity. I don't think it saw us until it was upon our heads, because it only changed course and speeded after passing us, suddenly accelarating upward, so fast that it became a small dot of ligth in 2 seconds, leaving us standing there with a strange fear and very impressed. At the moment of the closer encounter I thougth of trowing a rock toward the UFO, just to see if it was really there, to hear the noise of metal beeing hit, we were that close, I couln't had missed, but considered the act as to hostile, and feared a violent respond from the UFO, so I restrained, and just watched amazed, while many questions started to flow in my head.

What was it dooing there?, was it inspecting food production in the tobacco belt area?, Was it "manned" o it was a robot?, Why the navigation ligths?, Do they believe in God?,

Witness Background

at time of the event I was a junor Engineeriing student at NCSU, age 20 with perfect eye vision and a non-drinker. I am a native fron Venezuela, now a graduated mechanical engineer, 51 years old. I must say too, that one of the other witneses served in the US air Force, and was familiar with military aircrafts.

Other Comments

Since I believe that UFO propultion comes with the use of a gravity control machine, I doubt of the existence of saucer shape UFO s, that girate in order to fly. I question as well the ligth speed barrier, probably UFO s can brake it, and Einstein's phisics needs to be revised.

On july 1980 I saw a Venezuelan newspaper (El Universal) front page picture of two identical objects, flying over Chile. The picture was taken by a chilean airplane pilot and was very clear, I have searched the web, for the report of this incident with no success.

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to friends and family


Andrés Ponte

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Caracas, Venezuela



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