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UFO Sighting Report


July, 1995


Sacramento, California, United States


abduction loss of time

Date Reported:

4/14/2004 1:05:55 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



half hour or more

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

one night i was walking here in sacramento i walked really far i ended up at the east end of an air force base called macllenan airforce base i wanted to use a phone so i walked down this street which dead ends to watt ave but before it hits watt ave their is feild well anyway it was still fairly dark and i was really tired so i got to this really big garage or a hanger their was a small office connected to the garage the light was on i peeped inside their was a tall coffee pot and the red light indicated it was on so i figured that somebody was their hopefully the night watchman their was also several styrafoam cups on the table meaning to me that somepeople were probably around so i took a walk to the other half of the garages i looked inside nothing but complete darkness i started to feel freightned so as i walked towards the parking spaces on the property their was three or four trailways busses parked i figuered they were their to be worked on later still i found no one so i walked back to the office door where at least i could sit and wait under the light well as i looked down at the ground trying to collect my thoughts i saw what appeared to be the small fetus of a human about the size of my hand the eyes were a dark color i thought about picking it up and at the same time miscarraige came into my now confused mind i glanced at it a few seconds more than as i raised my head over the landscape not to far in front of me were these really big holes in the ground what was happining was the peope were pulling out the old gas tanks and replacing them with new state of the art ones i was the only one their it was late night and next to the holes were these piles of dirt that had come from the holes but atop one of the piles of dirt sat this really big "grey "it was bigger than any man it had a really big black round eyes a reaaly big head and body as soon as i spotted it i felt this telepathic communication between the grey and myself i remember it telling me not to be freightned of but i was i was in shock i stared at it studying it almost amazed i had actually thought it was a giant rabbit disbeleiving what i was seeing was real i turned my head to the left then thats when i saw this really tall man 30 to 40 feet long sitting with his legs out and arms upstaring at me atop his head he wore a top hatjust like abraham lincoln wore i mean this guys length of his body simple astonished me now beyond being confused i was at a loss of words never had i ever imagined to see anything close to this as im looking at these things their was more telepathic communication it was really powerfull i was magneticin not being able to pull away or think on my own it was impossible i no longer thought on my own some how i was able to glance at them turning my head back and forth as to watch a tennis match then thats when i started seeing these really bright florecent lights raising out of the ground and the shapes were mathematically different from any on earth now i felt a sudden urge to get up and run somehow i couldnt then i broke away from the telepathic hold and visions as i looked back in front of me the fetus remained their i then stood up shaked my head back and forth once more i looked towards the things the strange colors and shapes back down at the fetus i then ran back down the way i came not noticing it had become morning daylight struck like a clock ticking on the hour i ran and i ran all the way to the east entrance of the air base i remember seeing the checkpoint charlie stopping every car every person asking for i.d.because it is protocal every individual maintains some type of clearance in order to enter a military base i walked on the base as if invisible not being questioned not being stopped i walked almost clear across the base with nobody asking where i was going or who i was i remember feeling very fatigued drained ready to collapse right their where i was walking on that long military base road than i approached a building so i sat down as i sat after walking for a good hour i thought id rest then a white military police car drove up as he got out he stated hello how was i doing i replied tired that i wanted to use a phone he stated well who was i did i have any identification i stated no but said my name he said well that was i accompenied by any one or if i got on the base with somebody that had clearance i stated no he then said well than i have to handcuff you i then said why i didnt know that i had done something wrong after all i thought i walked on the base im in the back seat of this make shift police car as we get to the m.p. station we walk inside he places me into this cage designed to keep prisnors while being interrogated or questioned i sat in their for two hours being asked repeatedly who was i where did i come from who my parents were my mothers maiden name finally he called my parole officer an stated that i was tresspassing on a government property well he released me upon being released i was given a ticket for the federal magistrate which i never showed up for upon going back to prison i went to the prison library i found the section of ufo books i found a book by whitley strieber titled ufos ,sightings and abductions,i checked it out as i flipped through the first few chapters i noticed a story titled the greys ,and it was a story of a person who had been abducted and recalled seeing a really large grey with the big black round eyes,the person stated they will never forget seeing this thing neither will i,another story this person recalled seeing the 30 to 40 foot man wearing a top hat just like i had!!!now i was puzzled had i been abducted had i experienced a close encounter of the third kindi sternly wrote to mr.sreiber giving every detail of my chilling account he had wrote me back and explained i should be hypnotized which i havent done till date tahts the story

Witness Background

im a high school graduate ive been to a few different colledges im single

Other Comments

yes i beleive with no doubt what so ever 100%this planet we call earth is in fact being visited and or watched or studied by some type of intelligenced.get this our government here says their is no intelligent life forms out there but yet we have the space shuttle which is a space craft now lets say for instance i was some life form on venus and i saw the space shuttle what do you think i would think it was well i would probably think it was a ufo correct so its like this we are an intelligent life form in space we are exactly what the government says isnt out their and all through history there have been ufo sightings all over this world so you be the judge ,no i dont beleive we are alone and i dont beleive the technology we have came from the minds here on earth well good day please stay in contact

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

to whitley streiber two years after the occasion


stephen leonard franklin jr

Your Location: 

9500 golden dr.orangevale,california 95662



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