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UFO Sighting Report


April, 17, 2004


Between Sumter and Florence, South Carolina, United States


Black flat triangular shape which disappeared in a wiping-away manner

Date Reported:

4/20/2004 4:37:27 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



5 seconds

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

Went out in yard as usual to have a smoke before bed around 9:45pm eastern time on 4/17/2004. I looking in sky at stars and planets and saw a very black object (which I have made an animation of) that was triangular in shape, with the point away from me. The wide end seemed to have a rectangular shape, as if a triangle had a rectangle on its base. It did not appear to move the entire time I observed it.

It dissappeared in a few seconds as if it was wiped away from the pointed end toward the wide end, while remaining stationary. There was no light or sound I could discern coming from its direction, which was approximately 280-290 degrees from 0 degrees magnetic North. The observation point was approximately between the Florence Airport and the Shaw Airbase at the south west side of Florence, SC. The sighting was parallel to air traffic landing and take-off patterns of the Florence Airport for its E-W runway.

I thought I just imagined seeing it for a while, but then I never saw anything quite like that before, with such a definite shape. That made me think that I had actually saw something, if only for a few seconds. As a side note: a church about a mile in that direction had been using a searchlight array as a beacon the last two weeks prior to this sighting, however it was not in operation at thate time of this sighting.

I have not seen anything similar since this sighting.

Witness Background

I am a marketing administrator. I am a 49 year old HS grad .

Other Comments

Nothin in particular without discussion....

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Reported To: 

My wife



Your Location: 

Florence, SC USA



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