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UFO Sighting Report




Stone Ridge, New York, United States


I have had many sightings

Date Reported:

4/20/2004 4:56:44 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



10 or more minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I moved to the Hudson Valley in 1991 and over the years have seen several objects in the sky at night and once during the day. Several is an understatement, so I'm only going to write about the most interesting sightings I have seen. I will say right away that I have not seen the "football field" sized "boomerang" that many other Hudson Valley residents have seen. Yet.

I have never written down dates of sightings which I believe to be UFO's because I doubted that anyone would believe me if I told them what I'd seen. I didn't want people (this is a small town) to think I was some kind of a crazy nut. I am always alone when I sight something and on the rare occasion when someone is with me they don't see what I do.

In January, probably 1995 or 1996 I was in Accord, NY at a friends house for dinner. Many guests had had several drinks by the time my husband and I arrived. I had not had any alcohol. No fire was burning in the fireplace and nobody but me seemed interested in having a fire although it was about 5 degrees below zero that night. I offered to fetch wood from a shed about 30 yards from the house. It was a clear, moonless night and as I walked back through the snow with the wood I stopped to look up at the sky. I saw what looked like an ordinary plane and watched because my family was leaving for a vacation to Puerto Rico in two weeks and I was wondering where the plane was going and how I wished that I was already on a plane to a warmer climate. The plane seemed to be flying pretty high up and I thought that it must have been an international flight. Stewart Airport is only 40 miles from Accord and usually planes landing at either Stewart or Albany are flying fairly low when they fly over this area.

The "plane" was moving along towards me in a straight line and all I saw was a single red light in front. Suddenly, the plane came to a complete stop. I thought to myself, "how can an airplane come to a complete stop like that?) After what was probably only a few seconds, the (I'll call it an object now") object reversed it's forward flight in a perfectly straight line only this time it was hurtling along so fast I could hardly believe what I was seeing. It kept going at some kind of incredibley high speed from where it had come from and then again it stopped. This time it was far enough away that it appeared only to be a small red light in the sky. Then it vanished. It just went out.

Following are 3 other accounts of UFO's that I have seen, all of them in my back yard. I live on a 350 acre farm and our nearest neighbor lives more than half a mile away. We have no light interference from homes, cars, roads, cities, etc.

I have never kept the dates of these sightings because I as always alone and firmly believed that no one would believe me if I told them what I had seen.

Most recently, in October of 2003 I was sitting on my back porch talking to friend on my portable phone when I saw several red lights approach from the South East. I was looking at my own property which I am very familiar with. A steep ravine leads up to a huge open field in the direction I was looking. No homes exist on the other side of this field and I had never seen lights of any kind in that area. The ravine itself would prevent one from seeing any kind of light on the other side of the field even if one existed - which it doesn't. The object I saw stunned me enought that in mid-conversation I said to my friend "I can't believe what I'm seeing". I described what I saw to my friend as I watched no less than 5 and probably no more than 7 red lights which appeared to be unconnected to one another. It looked like a circular formation with the lights in the front being brighter and then curving backwards away from me. I heard no sound whatsoever and the ojbects then descended onto what I imagine must have been the big field. Then they went out and I saw nothing more. My dogs however, being barking madly and running towards the lights - there's a stream separating the ravine from where my home is - and they ran right across the stream barking like mad. My friend could hear the dogs barking. After the lights disappeared I thought, well, I must have imagined that. I continued the conversation with my friend after saying something like "well that was weird". We kept talking for about 10 more minutes when all of a sudden the same light formation re-appeared and slowly lifted up and slowly returned from the direction from where it had come. The dogs had stopped barking and returned to my back yard while these lights were out. As soon as the lights came on again, the dogs went wild again and chased the lights. I was still on the phone and said "Oh my God, the lights I saw before are back but now it looks like they're leaving". I guess my friend thought I was imagining it because we hung up shortly after that. My parents were visiting at the time and when I went inside all they wanted to know was why the dogs were barking so much. I told them what I'd seen and was told that the dogs must have seen or smelled deer. We have deer around our house every day and the dogs (two labradors) never bark that loudly or chase deer so fast even in broad daylight.

The second interesting thing I saw was 2 summers ago, again in 2002. It was a clear blue sky and I'd been jumping on my kids trampoline when I decided to just lie down and soak up some sun and stare at the clear sky. I had just laid down when I saw a silver disc shaped object rocket past me overhead. I heard no noise and this thing was moving way to fast to be a plane. I've seen the Space Shuttle and International Space Station fly over our home at night and they move pretty fast, but this object was astonishing. I was trying to follow with my eyes what I'd seen and where it had gone but it disappeared too fast. About 3 seconds later an identical disc shaped silver object flew over as fast as the first one had. No sonic boom, no airplane noise. It just shot right over me so fast I couldn't believe it.

The most interesting thing I saw does not resemble, in any of the literature that I've read anyway, any kind of traditional UFO - if there is such a word for UFO. This object was directly overhead and it was about 7:30 pm about 3 years ago, probably October. It was a new moon that night. Again, I was alone so there was no one else there to confirm what I'd seen. This object was shaped like a box (like the Borg thing in Star Trek). I could clearly see that it was some kind of metallic thing and again it made no sound. It was huge. I don't know why I wasn't frightened, but I wasn't and kept watching. It had geometric light patterns that had an ethereal sort of glow to them and the lights moved around the surface of the ship in a very straight and seemingly organized way. There were five colors: red, green, blue and white and yellow. This object floated towards the field above the ravine that I mentioned earlier.

The next day I went down to my mother in law's house which is, as the crow flies, about 1/4 of a mile from my home and is situated in the direction which the object I saw was headed. My mother in law has severe eyesight loss from an eye disease called Macular Degeneration. She asked me if I would look at her calendar because she said "I thought that there was no moon last night but I could have sworn that I saw a full moon when I looked in the direction of your house". I believe she saw the same object that I did.

After the incident with the lights that seemed to land in the field while I was on the phone last Fall I have had increasing intense and vivid dreams. I dream to the point of exhaustion and often cannot recall when I wake up whether or not I dreamed something or it really happened. My dreams almost always have a "premonition" factor to them now. Whatever I dream the night before, the next day I either meet the pesron I dreamed about or something happens to me that was part of the dream.

I have no recollection of ever having been abducted nor am I aware of any missing time in my life.

I just wish I knew why I see these strange things whenever I'm alone and why my dreams have become so pronounced and realistic and often come true the next day.

The only other interesting thing might be that 3 or 4 times a year I discover a perfectly round bruise mark on the inner side of my right upper arm. When I apply pressure to this bruise I feel no pain, but it's a strange place to get a perfectly round bruise that doesn't hurt and which I usually only notice when I'm in shower.

My husband recently found an opaque lens in the woods by our house. I held it up to my eye but could not see through even though it looked like it might have fallen out of a pair of sunglassed. When I held it up to my eye and looked in mirror, it looked exactly like the huge eyes I've seen depicted by people who have described "the grays" eyes. It was completely smooth on all the edges - perfectly smooth, but really too large for an ordinary pair of sunglasses. There were striations on the part of the lens that when positioned the way I had looked like they would have been connected to the nose area of the face. But there was no breakage on this object. My husband threw it in the garbage much to my chagrin but he completely wants me to get the "there are aliens out there" idea out of my head.

Well, I could go on and on, because I've seen more than what I've describe here but it would take me too long to tell everything. The only other thing I want to mention is that I'm a pretty good amatuer photographer and have taking some interesting photos at night. The only time I tried to photograph a UFO my film came back blank (black and blank - no stars or anything).

Witness Background

I graduated from Choate in 1977 and from St. Lawrence University in 1981 with a double degree in English Lit and German Lit.

Other Comments

It is my firm belief that aliens have not only visited Earth but perhaps reside amongst us. People who believe that humans are the only intelligent life forms in the Universe clearly have no concept of the size of the Universe. Humans recognize "life" only as we know it in our own biological definition of it. Intelligent life, particularly intelligent life that exceeds our own, is something we probably would not recognize. Does and ant look up at a human before it is stepped upon and think, oh there's a human?

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Reported To: 

I once reported a sighting to the local police who came to our property and the officer said that he did not see the light that I saw.

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Stone Ridge, NY USA



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