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UFO Sighting Report


June, 1976


niles to girard, ohio, Ohio, Andorra


We were driving home from Sharon PA on I-76 heading west. I spotted an Emerald Green light source, fixed in the sky. We stopped the van, and stood looking up, and without excelleration, it moved toward traffic until we couldn't see it.

Date Reported:

8/9/2004 10:16:26 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



3 minutes +/-

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)

10 - 15 ft.???

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

200 - 300 ft.

Shape of Object(s)

orb, spherical

Color of Object(s):

Emerald Green... PURE laser like light

Full Description & Details

Around June of 1976...at around 11pm at night...

(I could go back and find cash reciepts to establish the date)

We: (Gary B. Joe H. & Mike T. (all of Newton Falls, Ohio)...

were driving home from Sharon PA on I-76 heading west. I spotted an Emerald Green light source, fixed in the sky. It appeared to be about 200-300 feet high.

After watching it for about 2 minutes... we got more curious about it.

We stopped the van, got out and we stood looking up at it... for about another minute and a half... and without any excelleration, it moved toward traffic until we couldn't see it. It was a drizzling rain... very lightly. It was Emerald Green... as if it was a very pure light source... similar to a GREEN TRAFFIC LIGHT but without a haze, without a glass lense texture... a pure SPOT... NO texture... NO haze, or atomospheric-like aura around it. After being fixed for the duration of our spotting and then watching it... it moved instantly... without excelleration... as if from 0 mph to 45 mph. We watched it move in a perfectly straight path as it headed east... we watched as we turned facing oncoming traffic... until it faded away. It looked to be about 10' in diameter... but because it was such a perfect sphere of light... its hard to how big... but I remember it to be like a green traffic light in size.

It was around 1980... summer. I was married to my 2nd wife... Nancy J.

She had (2) boys... ages 10 & 11. We were renting a house in Bruswick, Ohio.

I was working a Pi Keyboards & Audio...in Strongsville, Ohio. Nancy had come to pick me up after work at about 9:30PM. On the way home to Brunswick (about 10 miles), we spotted the Emerald Greens. There were FIVE of them... in a "W" formation.

They were fixed in the sky. I asked Brian and Kevin "do you see those lights?" and they answered "yes." Nancy and I stopped the car... we all got out. The five Emerald's were fixed in the sky, looking to be about a mile away. Then, all of a sudden, just like my previous sighting... they move from the sky, DOWN to the horizon... with no excelleration speed... just as if from 0 to an instant 45 mph.

Again pure light sources. All in a perfect straight line path downward... as if

they were connected together!!!


We thought they had landed NW of our position and went searching for them.

The sky was clear this night. We never found them of course. But it was a very dramatic sighting for all of us.

In 1985, I was remarried to Pam C. and were at her summer school at Kenyon College in mid Ohio, on campus. We were walking back to the dorms at around 8:30pm... it hadn't yet got pitch black dark yet. It was cloudy, but not raining.

Pam and I were walking with another student named Ken.... when I looked up and spotted an Emerald... just as the one above. I said look... and we all saw ONE fixed in the sky. We stood looking at it. It was above the fire station in Keyon... the firemen were washing ands polishing a truck parked outside, and just under the Emerald. It appeared to be just under the cloud cover... maybe 250 feet. It was exactly like the other I described. When it moved, it was without excelleration EXCEPT this time... it moved in a wavy path... like a sine wave... and went up into the clouds. The travel distance wasn't very long this time. I say... if you held your fingers up tot he sky... it travelled about 1 foot and a half in distance.

Witness Background

Music composer producer. H.S. grad... some college... composer in residence 1982-84 at Kent State University, Ohio... owner of BMS Studios for 37 years.Film sound editor. Am a professional in the music industry. Email: midiandsfx@aol.com

Other Comments

I have rarely heard of sighting like these. It's very odd that I saw THREE sightings of the same type and kind!!! I know they WERE NOT balloons or other things... these were CLEAR sightings and lasted long enough to evaluate and get a sense of their nature. After the 2nd sighting, I felt as if I was being watched. A natural responce I suppose.

I'd like to know if anyone has seen similar things as I.

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