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UFO Sighting Report


JUL 85


enroute Parana-Resistencia -Mesopotamia-Argentina


3 white lights moving slow and forming a line and the a triangle.. and then mooved away incredibly fast and disappeared in the horizon.

Date Reported:

8/13/2004 7:34:25 AM



No. of Witnesses: 

20 in the bus


10-20 min

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I was traveling with my parents on a bus to the Iguazu Falls in northern Argentrina at that time. It was a package tour , so we were all traveling with the other 20 people all the time. We had stayed over in the city of Parana , in the souther part of the Mesopotamia Region in Argentina and had departed around 4.30AM from Parana northwards towards the city of Resistencia in the province of Chaco.Around 5am, before dawn , I think it was my mother, that spotted 2 lights,and I remember she asked me if there was an airport nearby, as she thought it to be a plane ( the size of the lights more or less matching that of a low flying plane) . I know there is no airport in that area, it's farmland and very scarcely inhabited...soon after the lights stopped moving in any particular direction and that was what brought us to pay a grater attention to the event.

The lights were then 3 and formed a line and then one of them started moving up and down ( consequently building triangles at all times) in very rush movements stopping and moving in a very unreal way. ( more or less like one might do pointing the beam of a torch on a wall and moving them in a quick way)..By that time the bus stopped and some of us got off in the deserted route. Teh movements continued for a fes more munites always in the same area in the sky.Soon after, on of the lights separated from the formation, at forst quite slowlyand the with an incredible speed disappered into the horizon.The 2 other lights followed suit soon after that.

Witness Background

Andres Corrente Argentinian Age 36-married Business administration graduated

Other Comments

This is my forst time I report my experience

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Reported To: 

to friends/relatives


Andres Corrente

Your Location: 

San Fernando-Buenos Aires-Argentina



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