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UFO Sighting Report


August, 16, 2004


Cumbria, Indiana, United Kingdom


"moving stars", star like objecst moving very rapidly and sometimes erratically across the night sky.

Date Reported:

8/17/2004 4:57:38 AM

Sighting Time: 

7pm, 11:15pm and 10:30pm (see below)



No. of Witnesses: 

at least 2 on each occasion


up to 20 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)

UNKNOWN- objects very distant-appear as a pin head size.

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

UNKNOWN- I would estimate from being at around 30,000ft to out of the atmosphere.

Shape of Object(s)

small white lights

Color of Object(s):


Full Description & Details

Strange lights-16/08/04

After returning from a short break to London where I had inherited a telescope, I was staying with my girlfriend in north-west Cumbria. As the evening in question was a bright, clear evening we had decided to take a walk, after which we would sit in her back garden and look through the telescope at the stars. By the time we had got back to her house and were in her back garden it was approximately 22:30. Unfortunately we were not able to see anything through the scope as all that was visible was vague colours. However, I noticed one peculiar “star” to the north, which was moving rapidly in a straight line from North-North-East of where we were standing towards a North-North-Westerly direction. There was a slight curve in the path of this object shortly before it disappeared from our sight, where the object appeared to move downwards from where we were standing. This object was moving very rapidly, too rapidly for a commercial airline, and appeared to be gaining altitude. My girlfriend had never seen anything like this before, although I had seen the same lights moving erratically through the sky on two separate occasions, when I was with friends who also saw them. The light which it was producing was one steady glow almost identical to the glow produced by a star, and this was fading as the object was rising until it had eventually disappeared from sight. Shortly afterwards another two similar objects appeared going in the opposite direction from the first one, apparently travelling at the same speed as each other but decelerating and then accelerating again at the same time as each other. These were travelling towards each other slowly as if they would eventually meet each other, but faded until they were not visible to us before they did. There were three further similar lights that we saw, one travelling from the north-west towards the north east but starting at what appeared to be quite a low altitude and rising before fading away to nothing. We saw only two more lights, both together and travelling from the north-west towards the north-east at exactly the same speed and on a parallel flight path to each other. These did not fade while we could see them but disappeared over the tops of the houses. This last sighting was just before 22:50. All of the objects had travelled at what appeared to be the same or similar speeds, and the last two went through a slight waver in their path at exactly the same time. I wonder if this wobble could be caused by an object passing through the atmosphere. These two objects also flew behind the clouds, which proves that they were higher than them. While we were watching we had no idea where they came from or how they appeared, because all of a sudden we just noticed what appeared to be a star moving. It is possible that they may have been stationary for a period of time before moving, although there were too many stars in the sky to tell, or they may just have appeared as they were moving. Our penultimate sighting had appeared in the sky near a particularly odd star, which appeared to be changing colour with pink, yellow and blue appearing as well as being constantly white as we were watching it, as opposed to glimmering. This star was very low and to the north, remaining stationary throughout the time that we were watching so there is a possibility that this is nothing out of the ordinary. It is also possible that the lights which we saw were of a terrestrial origin, but if they were they were something which not very many people know about because military aircraft don not display lights like this or move so quickly away from sight.

The first occasion on which I had seen something like this I was with just one other friend. We had both been at a coastal village in Cumbria just south of the Sellafield nuclear site, and had noticed two particularly bright stars to the north of us, apparently far to the north of the nuclear facility. I pointed these out to my friend and we had thought nothing more of them, until one of them started to move around the other in perfect circles. At exactly the same time the one that had been moving stopped still and the other one began to travel towards the north very rapidly, eventually fading away to nothing. The one which had moved first then stayed still, apparently hovering, for the rest of the time that we were there. Because my friend had got on the last bus to go home I know that this sighting was at around 7pm, and during the early months of spring as it was dark, although unfortunately I cannot be any more precise about this.

The second occasion on which something like this had happened I was with a few friends, none of whom had seen something like this as far as I was aware, and we were near Millom in Cumbria looking out south across the estuary. The time would have been about 11pm-11:30pm, and it was during June. Something odd was first noticed when only one star like object had been moving upwards and towards the south rapidly. This was dismissed as being a satellite by the rest of the group, although I did not think that it was and kept on watching it. Another object then appeared at the same time and moved backwards and forwards across the sky, before stopping still. The original object continued to rise and fade until it was very small, at which point an even smaller light appeared to come out of it, loop around it once and stop so the both objects were stationary for a split second, before the first one disappeared leaving only the new, very, very faint star-like object. The other people who were there did not see anything out of the ordinary in this, and I believe that they had only seen the star when it was travelling in a straight line. Every time I have seen these objects I have not felt any fear or irrational emotion, nor have I experienced anything out of the ordinary like loss of time sometimes reported by the victims of abductions, but I have felt an incredibly strong fascination with the objects which I have seen and the urge to learn more about them.

Other Comments

Please email me and tell me what you think. I am fairly certain that these cannot possibly be conventional aircraft, is there any other man made object that they could be? Has anybody else had a similar sighting? Thank you in advance for your help. PS I am now fascinated with ufology, are there any magazines/rescources etc for research purposes?

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