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UFO Sighting Report


December, 2001


Near Sherborne, United Kingdom


Rectangular orange light followed car closely. Not attached to any other vehicle.

Date Reported:

8/17/2004 8:47:56 AM

Comments about the image(s): "Please excuse the obvious crudity of this image. Feel free to post it if you wish. The 2 images I used were closest things I could find on the net."

Sighting Time: 

Around sun-down



No. of Witnesses: 



Several times over 5 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)

Appeared to be the size of a truck headlamp just outside back window of car

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

less that 6 feet

Shape of Object(s)

rectangular (wider than it was tall)

Color of Object(s):

Dull reddy-orange

Full Description & Details

I was driving my car along the narrow road from Sherborne to Thornford, in Somerset UK, and was passing through an area that was full of trees on either side of the road. It was still daylight but the Sun was just going down and was somewhere ahead of me if I recall. I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a rectangular luminescent reddy orange object right behind the back window. My initial reaction was one of panic because I thought what I was seeing was the head lamp of one of the articulated milk tankers that use that road and, being as close as it was, would have been in danger of a collision with my car. As I looked again I saw that the light was independant of any other vehicle and that I was alone on the road. It was matching my speed perfectly and was not bright enough to be dazzling, but looked like a head lamp that was on dipped-beam. I state again that it was practically daylight at the time, it was not dark enough for me to have my own headlamps switched on. Looking for a third time, the object was gone. I continued at some speed for several minutes without seeing the object when I became aware that it was to my right. Looking over my shoulder I saw the object again. This time, although it still matched my speed, it was off the road to the right-hand side asnd was passing through the forrest. My obvious reaction was to assume that it was in the sky some distance away, but it passed in front of some trees and behind others. I looked away and again it disappeared. I never saw it again.

I continued to the party I was attending in Thornford where I told 3 of my best friends what I had seen, none of whom believed me. I drove home the next day but took a different route which lead me a long way out of my way and have not taken that road since. I would be very interested to hear of anything similar that has been sighted on or near that particular road in Somerset. I found the whole experience very surreal. I did not feel threatened by the object.

Witness Background

23 years old, live in Chard Somerset, work at Screwfix Direct in Yeovil Somerset.

Other Comments

I will attempt to create an image detailing what I saw and email it to you.

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Reported To: 


Your Location: 

Chard Somerset UK



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