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UFO Sighting Report


January, 2002


chesapeake, Virginia, United States


Extrmely huge triangle / black no lights / no noise / 2 footballfeilds long from tip to tip

Date Reported:

9/2/2004 12:08:22 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



35 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Size of Object(s)

2 football feilds from tip to tip

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

100 feet above our heads

Shape of Object(s)


Color of Object(s):


Full Description & Details

I had a 19 foot boat at that time and my step dad and i where stripper fishing at night during the stripper season. It was extremely freezing cold that night when we noticed off in the distance a storm was coming up fast. we where about 9 miles off shore 3:00am. Lightning was on the horizon flashes where filling the eastern part of the sky. We started to reel in the rigs and we secured them.

I started the boat to try to outrun the rain which was comming in very fast. While in transit back to the shorelines it started to rain very hard, allmost to the point to where we could not see to drive. The rain was hitting us so hard in the face and back that it hurt. I had the throttle down as hard as i could, I had to rely on my skills as a seasoned fisherman to rely only on my compass as the rain was so heavy we could no longer see ahead. Then.......

In a litteral blink of an eye the rain stopped. It stopped so fast i throttled the boat to an abrupt and sudden stop almost throwing my passenger out because what had just beenthe 20 minute rain from hell disoriented me somewhat. we shook off the devestation and looked around the boat cursing. I looked out the boat trying to get visual bearings of shoreline and heard water running or flowing all aroung us.

We could still see it raining all around us but not on us which promted us to look skyward for explainations, When we looked up ;;;;;;;;; OH my God

something was 100 feet over our heads. Rain was falling off the sides. It was triangular shaped with no lights, no sound , nothing. It just stayed there over our heads not moving nor even vibrating. I yelled to my step father what the hell is that thing while i frantically started the boat motoragain. He screamed hurry-up we have to get the hell out of here right now before that thing sees us... I had stated it allready has or it wouldnt be overhead so close. With that said on that very second I floored my boat knocking him off his feet and backwards where he broke the rear seat slamm out the floor braces when he hit them.

It took us over 5 minutes going 40 miles an hour to get out from underneath this thing We dont know if it was following us or what but we did know that we where most likely going to die, we where that terrified. The second we did get out from underneath it all the blinding torrential rain had started again. We looked back from an area we thought it was safe and could see it moving towards the eastern shore side of the bay bridge tunnel.

I went to a web site today that had a triangular shaped UFO sighted and photographed over belgium, and i immediately said upon the picture loading thats it. That picture is the very same aircraft that we saw that night.

Witness Background

Safety Director

Other Comments

Scred the hell out of us


robert williams

Your Location: 

portsmouth, va 23707



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