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UFO Sighting Report


April, 14, 1981


Mohave, California, United States


It was on the day of the first landing of the space shuttle Columbia that I saw eight objects in the western sky

Date Reported:

9/2/2004 3:00:33 PM

Sighting Time: 

5:00 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



1 hour

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)

The size of a large sun spot

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

Somewhere between earth and the sun

Shape of Object(s)

disks & cylinder

Color of Object(s):


Full Description & Details

It was late in the afternoon on the day of the first landing of the space shuttle Columbia. I was a stringer for NBC news and shot the landing from the dry lake bed.

I left Edwards Air Force Base and headed back to the San Joaquin Valley on Highway 99.

Late in the afternoon, I saw something that looked to be a dark spot on the sun.

I pulled over and got out my binoculars. The sun was too bright, so I waited till the sun started to set. Soon, the dust from the earth allowed my binoculars to see what cannot be anything but UFO’s.

First there was the large round ship that I could see with my naked eye and gave me the reason to pull over, (thinking it was a sunspot). When I looked below the large ship, I saw six smaller ships lined up three in a row, like on a dice, all at 45 degree angles. Next to these “dots” was a long dark bar (like a pencil) that was twice the length of the large sun spot ship. All these items were stationary is space between earth and the sun. I did an experiment to see if I was just seeing things. I positioned myself in front of distant telephone poles and placed the UFO’s directly behind them. I watched as the group slowly dropped at the same rate as the sun. They started above the telephone wires and as the sun set they ended up below the telephone wires till they all sunk into the horizon.

These things had to be huge since they were not even close to being on earth and dropped into the horizon at the same rate of the sun.

I am amazed to this day, that no one has reported this and if they have, I would sure like to know about it.

Thank you,

Steven Whetstone

Witness Background

TV producer in Los Angeles

Other Comments

I am sendin you a email with the diagram

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Steven Whetstone

Your Location: 

West Hills Ca. USA



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