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UFO Sighting Report


October, 12, 1995


SIMI VALLEY, California, United States



Date Reported:

9/5/2004 8:51:31 PM

Sighting Time: 

10 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



3 SEC.

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)


Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

5,000 TO 10,000 FEET

Shape of Object(s)


Color of Object(s):


Full Description & Details

While driving west bound on the 118 freeway in Chatsworth into Simi Valley I saw a large fireball fly over the San Fernando Valley from the east to west. I was very low and I was sure it was going to hit the mountain where Rocketdyne is located. It didn't crash and I thought I would see Simi Valley on fire after I crested the hill into the valley.

No fire.

The fireball was as big as or a little bigger than a full moon. It was orange around the ball and had a long tail of blue green sparks that twinkled as they blinked out. It was very bright and it lit the inside of my SUV. They were no other cars around me for about a half mile...

This took place in Mid Oct. 1995. I know for sure because a few days later I broke out in a chicken pox’s like rash all over my body that lasted for 4 days and I went to a doctor for a blood test.

A few days after this fireball event there was a bright beam of light shooting high into the sky from the far end of Simi Valley. This beam could be seen from 35 miles away and was much brighter than the spot light on top of the Lexor in Las Vegas.

I saw it from Hollywood as I drove home from work around 10PM.

This beam was blue white and went up maybe five miles and didn't seem to disperse.

Laser like.

As I crested the Simi Hill on the 118 freeway, I could see the whole west end of an area lit up like daylight, so bright I could not make out the surfaces of the mountain sides surrounding the source.

I picked up my friend and we drove to an undeveloped area of Simi Valley about 2 miles from the Reagan Library. There was a line of cars waiting their turns to ask this guy what’s up.

There was a fire road being blocked by a unmarked jeep, no tags, no logos, with an unmarked driver. No badge, no logos, no patches on his jacket. The guy told us it was a movie being filmed. He didn’t know anything about the film or the production company or who hired him. He was wearing a gun.

We left, but on the weekend I went back up there to check it out.

I found a large area of about 50 by 50 square covered by small crystal white rocks.

A large gouge in the fresh dirt and a large burned area and a cows and a horse. There was a sign on a fence surrounding the area that said “No trespassing 24 hour surveillance”. But on the fire road there was a sign that was weird. It has International Security Agency, AMSEC. With the great seal of the USA as the Logo.

Later I looked up AMSEC and found that they were owned by SAIC. SAIC makes spy satellites.

Why would AMSEC/SAIC be guarding grass, dirt a horse and a cow?

There is an SUV far up on a hill with a guy watching me as I video taped the area.

Could these two events be related? A crash site of a UFO? A beacon signal being sent back into space by the craft?

There were no film permits filed at the Simi Valley City Hall.

Witness Background

AA in Art, BS in Health Science. Photographer, computer animation artist for games and movies, teacher. Worked in hospitals, in Aerospace, movie companies, video game developers. Took three years of Physics and Electonics.

Other Comments

I have images from the video tape of the crash site. No images from the fireball.

I have tried to find other people who saw the beam of light and I've talked to others who saw a fireball in the same area one year later near Rocketdyne.

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Glendale, CA USA



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