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UFO Sighting Report


August, 22, 2004


Liberty, Kentucky, United States


A beam of bright light opened up directly in front of me, manifesing through a very dense fog. The ground directly beneath the beam bubbled and had the appearance of plasma or a gel like substance.

Date Reported:

9/6/2004 10:53:20 AM

Sighting Time: 

12:30 AM



No. of Witnesses: 



10 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)

8' by 8' cylinder

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

from 1 inch to three feet

Shape of Object(s)


Color of Object(s):

bright bluish light

Full Description & Details

From the porch of my home, located on a high ridge in Liberty, KY, my boyfriend and I were watching the dense fog when the fog appeared to divide, forming a cylinder of bright light about three feet in front of us. My friend and I stepped off the porch and approached the beam, both of us attempted to enter the cylinder but as we stepped forward, the beam moved back several feet. We continued to "chase" the beam around the yard but it would not allow us entrance. When we turned away from the beam and walked away, the beam followed us, staying close at our heels. My friend continued to walk around the yard and the beam followed his movements but whenever entry was attempted, the beam moved away a few feet. I was able to peer inside the beam which contained a very bright shutter-like opening deep within the interior. When we stepped back on to the porch we noticed the ground beneath the beam appeared to be bubbling with a thick plasma like substance although no heat was felt. The incident lasted about 10 minutes. The next day I surveyed my yard for evidence but found nothing. The only odd thing noticed was that the water level in my swimming pool had dropped almost a foot.


Update to this report, submitted March 20, 2005:

update on previously reported sighting, recorded on this site on 9/6/04 concerning incident of 08/22/04.

On 9/6/04, I reported observations of a very bright cylinder shaped object that appeared in my yard, and was witnessed by 2 people. Refer to post listed on this site on 9/6/04 from Liberty, KY.

Whether coincidence or not, I believe a follow-up report should be included on this site.

Approximately several days following the reported incident of August 22, 2004, I became very ill. I developed a severe skin rash which spread all over my body and, at the same time, a dime-size lump appeared on my left breast. In addition to these symptoms, I was physically weak and nauseated most of the time. I did not immediately connect these symptoms with the August 22 incident wherein myself and a friend encountered the bright cylinder in my yard. Interestingly, my friend reported to me that within days of our experience, his eyesight seemed to be failing. Alarmed, my friend sought medical attention and he underwent surgery on the optical nerve of his eye.

My symptoms turned out to be breast cancer. I had 2 surgeries and 35 radiation treatments.

Prior to the 8/22/04 incident, both myself and my friend enjoyed reasonably good health. I have never been prone to skin rashes and have always done self breast exams. The lump in my left breast had a sudden onset, and appeared at the same time as the severe skin rash. Although cancer was the diagnosis, none of the 3 physicians I consulted could explain the origin of the rash.

My friend and I stood within inches from the opening of the cylinder and the immense bright light emitting from the beam. We interacted with the "craft" for at least, 10 minutes.

I don't believe there was any deliberate malicious intent by the "beamers" but the almost immediate dire physical effects on both my firiend and myself, may have their origin from this exposure.

It is my hope that our government and our scientists will eventually take these reports seriously and cease downplaying their importance or writing them off as insignificant. The excuse for not doing so, seems to be that no empirical evidence exists to support such encounters and sightings. I argue, that experiential data may lack direct evidence but as subjective as it may be, I believe the growing volume of individuals reporting unexplained phenomena deserve an answer.

Witness Background

Single white female working as a social worker in state government with a bachelor degree in Psychology. My friend is a PhD professor, and has been teaching at a university since 1975.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 



Katherine L. Jones

Your Location: 

Liberty, KY



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