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UFO Sighting Report


September, 21, 2004


Kansas City, Gladstone, Liberty, Missouri, United States


Spotted very very large UFO over the Paseo Bridge . . . .

Date Reported:

9/23/2004 1:53:53 PM

Sighting Time: 




No. of Witnesses: 



3sec.,10sec., 1min

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 

Urban, Suburban

Size of Object(s)

300ft in width, 150 ft in height?

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

1/4 of a mile

Shape of Object(s)


Color of Object(s):


Full Description & Details

Was driving down town from the Gladstone area towards the river, when I noticed that traffic was backed up and people were getting out of their cars and staring into the sky, that's when I looked, and both of my passengers, and we saw it. One of my passengers screamed, then the other one, and I just sat there in disbelief. . .it was unreal. I couldn't even guess how large it was, but I would deffinately say well over a hundred feet in height and width, silver white in color, very very bright white lights all around it, six beams shining down from it, with blue and red flashing lights speckeled all over the bottom. It was disc shaped with a rounded upraised center on the top and bottom, and god, it was just huge. I have NEVER seen something of that size in the air. It sure as hell wasn't a blimp or any kind of aircraft. It just hovered for a few seconds and took off with lightning speed towards the north east. About ten minutes later after traffic got moving again I got a call from a friend of mine who was sitting on 291 in Liberty, and he described the exact same UFO that I had just seen, and he was really scared! It took off very shortly after he described it to me, and in same fashion as before, extremely fast....... This time it went in a northwesterly direction, back toward Gladstone. I'm driving home, to Gladstone, and my passengers and I noticed several military jets circling arround a wooded near my neighborhood, so we decided to go check it out. We tried to get back to the area the military jets were circling, and found cop cars blocking all the streets leading into that area. 7 or 8 Military jets scanning the woods with spotlights, and cops blocking all entances leading into the area at 10:30 on a random Tuesday night in September??? I don't think so, something was up, and I KNOW it. I could feel it in my gut as soon as I laid eyes on the UFO. What I want to know is how the media didn't get ahold of it, and why none of the hundreds of people that saw it above the forementioned highways have not come forth with their stories. I have even checked several other web sites and have found nothing pertaining to that night. I imagine they're scared, but will eventually get tired of thinking about it, and come forth. I'll keep checking back until then.

Witness Background

22y/o non-believer, until now. . . . . .

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Your Location: 

Gladstone, MO



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