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UFO Sighting Report


September, 1989


Amberson Valley, Pennsylvania, United States


Driving home after work, close to our home when sighted, crossed our property. Domed craft, floated like, noiseless, just above treetop level.

Date Reported:

10/1/2004 3:39:34 PM

Sighting Time: 

8 pm



No. of Witnesses: 



several minutes?

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)

1/3 the size of our large farm house in diameter and height

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude

100 feet when first sighted, crossed directly over us, and was not more than 30 feet above us

Shape of Object(s)

domed shaped--windows encircled

Color of Object(s):

pulsated orange, blue, green, etc--do not know the pattern but they were repeated

Full Description & Details

In order to arrive home we had cross a mountain ridge road, cross over the Pa turnpike, and then turn onto the narrow winding road which ran north towards our property of 6 plus acres which spanned both sides of the road. We had several acres of woods and meadows on one side (with creek running through center) and on the other side of the road was our large farm house. Just as we were approaching the curve directly in front of our home my son (he was driving) and I saw a domed shaped, pulsating ufo cross directly above the trees in our woods, cross over our vehicle, cross over the chimney of our home, and descend beyond the corn field behind our home against the mountain backdrop. We saw it clearly and watched it floatlike across in a non erratic pattern--it was domed shaped, rather large, low enough to see a circle of windows, it was noiseless, and pulsated from one color into another as it crossed in front of our direct line of vision. We quickly parked our vehicle, ran into our home and yelled to my other son and nephew who were at home that a ufo had just landed behind the cornfield next to the mountain. We all ran outside and then became terrified, ran back into the house, locked all doors and waited for my husband to return home from his office. We were too frightened to investigate and we did not report the sighting because other residents in the valley reported seeing ufo's, didn't want outsiders to come into the valley, and reporting or discussing was taboo. Several months prior to our sighting a newcomer in the valley came to visit us because he said we were the only Jews in the area and he wanted to know about the Old Testament and how Cain might relate to ufo's. We thought he was crazy. He said everynight a ufo landed behind his rented farm house further up the valley. We really thought he was crazy, were polite, but distanced ourselves from him. He said he had been plagued by ufos all of his life and was written about in a famous ufo book, claimed he had been abducted. Several months later when we returned home on a Saturday midday we found the valley was blocked by government officials but because we lived there we were permitted to go to our home and instructed not to go further up the valley. They seemed to know us on sight but we didn't recognize any of the men who were guarding the road. We called a friend of ours who lived further up the valley to see what the problem was and she said the man (the one who came to visit us) had gone berserk and was shooting at something. She said there was nothing to worry about because he was now sleeping. We sat on our front porch and watched the official vehicles going and coming--we saw an actual "man in black" in a government car pass by. The man vanished and we never knew what happened. We were certain he was crazy but when and how he vanished is a mystery. After seeing the ufo which was like the man described was landing regularly behind his rented farm house we changed our minds about him being crazy. We made inquiries to other residents and were told conflicting stories. We were frightened and didn't ask further questions. Amberson Valley is located near Letterkenny Army Depot. It is an isolated setting. Old-timers talked about seeing strange lights frequently but those stories were not meant to be spoken about to outsiders--my paternal ancestors were some of the original settlers in the valley in the late l700's and thus I was considered one of them even though I wasn't born there and moved there when I was 40 years old--we lived there for 9 years before coming to Israel..

Witness Background

At the time of sighting I was in my late 40's, university educated at U of M and graduate work at Wayne State University. Managed an office in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, owned a small general store in Amberson with game room, built a small public library, and now retired. Changed my name after moving to Israel. When I lived in Amberson I was Veronica Van Scyoc-Zimmerman. I'm listed in Who's Who in the Midwest l982.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

talked about it to friends

Your Location: 

Beersheva, Israel



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