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UFO Sighting Report


October, 15, 2004


Es Vedras, IBIZA, Spain


Denial and lies are rampant amongst the Spaniards.Go to Ibiza you will see and hear

Date Reported:

10/17/2004 1:44:15 PM

Sighting Time: 





always 3 seconds

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Size of Object(s)

20 metres

Distance to Object(s) & Altitude


Full Description & Details

There is an underwater base at Es Vedras Ibiza.On a clear night you will see and hear.

Do not ask the local natives they are afraid and some will be hostile even,Ask divers around San Antonio and they will even describe the sounds of ufos impacting the water.

They were not meteorites-they were ufos at incredible speed some rapidly changing course with impossible maneuvers defying gravity.All aiming for the beautiful rock formation and disappearing about 1000 feet above ground level,10 seconds later you could hear amongst the waves the 2 second thud(DOOOHHNDEDOOOHHN).The 2 nights I spent there I saw over 70 phenomenon.Only once did I see a ufo climbing from the water vanishing with great speed.Sometimes 2 ufos were seen entering the water

from the North.80% came in from the East with a trajectory roughly with Malta.Go to Cala Da Hort look above the island from 10:00 pm on to 04:00 in the morning and you will witness.Interestingly on both nights at 11:00 pm beginning 2 boats with strong horizontal lighting appear and move back and forth behind the rock formation.As if to act like beacons.Locals say they are fishing for squid but do they only fish there?Is that not a dangerous place to be?No red and green light on acording to the International Maritime Convention either.It has been reported that during the day a single cloud drops onto the rock formation and remains ther for hours-even on a cloudless day.Folks there is definitely an underwater base there and the rock formation is an important navigational point.

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