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UFO Sighting Report


Summer Months 1964


Missoula, Montana,


ufos would come down every evening about dust over Montana State University fly over Missoula, then just before it would get lite,they would go over the university go up. Staight up till couldn't see them. The next nite same thing..for at least 3 months.

Date Reported:

3/12/2005 9:31:46 PM

Comments about the image(s): "Here is the picture I had that is the closest I've seen that resembles what I saw in 1995."



No. of Witnesses: 



9pm to 4 am

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

First time I heard of such a thing, I was 22 asleep in my bed with my husband(ex now)

It was 2:30am The whole house was on fire or look like it..I jump out of bed pull my

$1.00 plastic curtains back a ball of light..like a fire flew away from house ..I woke my husband up ,I said to him..A plane has crashed and the motor is fly around...My husband just about busted at the steams..as he new a air plane motor doesn't fly aroud

after it crash. So he said to me that a UFO..haven't you heard..we been wathcing them.

He worked nites at a gas station. Got home about Mid nite that nite.

I went to my kids room...they were in their beds wrong & clothes not right.

So after that nite I stay up all nite watching the sky...some nites there would be 3

UFO"S flying around. The Missoulain Newspaper had articles about the things flying

around nite every day in paper. I never seen anything like this in my life since..

I'am 63 now.

Ufo's where like two saucers together up sde down .Big lite on bottom ...

lites around middle and small lites on top & bottom different colors.

It could move across the city of 30,000 in a few seconds... It could also be

a ball of lite or fire if it took off from the ground.

At the Neigbors one morning in their front yard , was a a brown place...

nothing would grow there.. after this happen. It burned the grass in a foot square...but only

where four legs touched down....

To many people have seen things....that I can't beleive some one would come forward.

Their must be people in their older years that are still alive that now , taken records..

where told not to talk. My husband that I have now ..has cancer .I know he would

tell....but he never seen a UFO...Wishes he had.

One time When we lived in Tuson, Az a old lady told me her brother had die...

He kept a black book for the govement,,they send him to the sightings...to keep record..

He was not to tell anyone...but he told his sister , because she wouldn't tell, but when

he die..she told me I will tell..to those that beleive. He dead so I can tell..I'am

a old lady...That was 1978.

Witness Background

Raised on a 350 acre Grade A Dairy(100 cows) Hard work 1950 to 1960. Married Dec.1960 - Lived in Missoula untill Jan.1965...in those years had two kids..a girl, a boy. Left Missoula , Mt Jan 10th ,1965 went Long Beach , Ca. Worked for McDonnell Dougluas 5/65 to 2/72 Had one more Boy.. Divorce two husbands...Been with my Third Husband 28 years(we been Married 27 years) I'am at home with my husband now as he has cancer...but have done a lot of things...I'am a very good caregiver...but I am Artist can paint just about anything ,I take to do. I love my computer. Can do great things on computer paint program ,too.

Other Comments

I have told a lot people what I seen...I know there someone out there.

I don't care if they think I'am crazy..I know what I seen & with 1000's of others have

told their stories...we can't all be wrong.

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I told some one a few years ago ..but no answer back,this is lot more inform.,

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Florence,Or Lane



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