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UFO Sighting Report






The object hovered abut 20 feet above our jeep and stayed above us moving at the speed of the car for about five minutes.

Date Reported:

3/23/2005 11:06:55 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



about five minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

My wife and I were visiting some friends at their home in Anchorage Alaska. At that time we lived about 45 miles outside of town in a little ski village at Mt. Alyeska. We were leaving their home but when we got in the jeep it was a C5 jeep, I said to my wife we need to get gas or we might not make it home. We started to drive to a gas station when for no reason I felt like we needed to hurry home and I sped out of town. My wife asked me why I didn't want to stop to get gas and I simply said I think we can make it, she argued with me and even though it was about 11:00p.m. and there was no special reason to be in a huuy I felt rushed. We were driving, following the road which curved around a body of water called Turnagain Arm. Suddenly my wife said "what is that?". I looked up into the sky and saw some lights in the distance that seemed to be moving very fast in in our direction. At that moment in never even crossed my mind that it was a UFO. It then swooped down and was hovering about twenty feet above our jeep and was moving at the same speed as we were. My wife said "what is that and I leaned forward over the steering wheel and looked up. I was in shock and I said "screw me, thats a UFO". It appeared to be round about five or six times bigger then our jeep. It had red and green lights around the outside shining down and revolving around its exterior but it lite up all the ground all around us with white light. My wife was braver then me and seemed to be enjoying it but I was scared stiff. It kept pace with us for several miles when it just took off over the hills to our left. There was a dirt road and my wife yelled at me to follow it. I said no we will run out of gas, she was not happy that I wouldn't follow it but there was no way. We talked about it all the way home. We wondered who we should call but decided no one would believe us. We did make it home but on fumes and we called our friends whose home we were at eralier but they acted like we were nuts when we told them what we saw. We stayed up for several hours talking about it. The next day in the paper there was an article that said starnge lights seen in the sky.

My wife and I had no doubt that what we saw was a UFO. It happened twent years ago but I will never forget what we saw. The reason I decided to send this too you is because quite by chance I am reading one of John Keels books and I am amazed at how many of the experiences he reports sounds like the one we had.

Witness Background

I am an American, my wife and I currently live in Beijing. I am an Executive and a partner in a Advertising company and also a import/export company. One final thing, my wife and I are a bit different I am a Catholic and so believe in things not always seen. My wife on the other hand is a very matter of fact practical person. What makes this experience so real is the fact that she believes it was a UFO. This is something that before this experience happened to us she would have strongly denied.

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Michael Gralapp

Your Location: 

Beijing, China



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