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UFO Sighting Report




venice, california


the craft came from the los angeles area and stopped over my house.

Date Reported:

5/14/2005 3:14:43 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



15 min.

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

I was watching the sunset over the ocean on the top porch of my house then turned to see the sky darken over the city and saw a light the moved in a zig-zag fashion coming towards santa monica. I called my dad and brother to come and see, they did and both ran down to get my dads military bionoculars, they were large and heavy so both went down to the garage to get them, leaving me alone to watch. I went inside the upstairs room to get the hand held bionoculars and once outside again, saw the strange light coming down from santa monica towards venice where we lived. I watched as it came in this odd zig-zag pattern, stopping ever so ofter and then resuming it's course stright for our place. I have never seen something that could make right angled turns and so forth, like this thing did. It came down the coast, heading right for our house and stopped just about directly overhead. I couldn't believe it at first and just stared, it made no noise at all and jlust stood there. I could see a large ring of multi colored lights beneath it they were red, blue, green yellow. I really couldn't make out the whole shape of the thing, as there were no light on the outer sides, what I could see it sort of looked more "manta ray" shaped or triangular. I remember thinking at the time that it should have been round and not shaped like that. Even though I could see all this with my eyes, I had a look at it through the bionoculars and couldn't fit the whole thing in so I had to move it around in order to see the whole craft. This "thing" was an actual machine and just sitting there and making no noise at all. Living near L.A. I was use to seeing so many things flying in the skys, but nothing like this. I even did the "I can't beleive it" eye blinking and looking away for a moment to see if it was still there, and it was. I even waved at it, as stupid as that sounds and just about when I did this it took off on down the cost towards playa del rey. My dad and brother finally lugged the massive bionoculars up the stairs, but by then it was gone. Ever since then, I know that whoever "owns" machines like that, can rule the world, at least ours! Many years later as I was watching a morning talk show, they had a guest on who was married to some actor, can't remember who, but she described seeing this same thing while looking at the lights of los angeles from her hill top home and the year matched up with my sighting, so it made me think that she had seen the same one. The talk show was one hosted by Steve Edwards.

Witness Background

House wife, artist, only high school- bad speller, sorry.

Other Comments

I don't know who was flying the craft, maybe it was ours, but I really don't think that, as I've never seen or heard of us having something like it. And I'm sure that we are not alone in this big universe anyway. I am computer free and am doing this on a trip to my parents in santa fe new mexice, I'll send you a sketch.

Reported Sighting? 


Reported To: 

thought it would be in the news the next day, but never heard of anything.


kitty warner

Your Location: 

santa fe, nm usa


old enough!

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