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UFO Sighting Report


August, 21, 2005


Hyderabad, AP, India


An eerie bluish yellowish, greenish light, hard to describe, which moved erratically, came hurtling down vertically, was visible as an object of indeterminate shape and then vanished.

Date Reported:

8/22/2005 1:33:09 PM

Sighting Time: 

4.10 AM



No. of Witnesses: 

No idea if anyone else saw this apart from me


Approx. 6 minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Urban or Rural: 


Full Description & Details

I have always been a sceptic about UFO's and little green men. However, what I saw has left me shaken to the core. Trawled the web and came across this site. Havent spoken about it to anyone, really dont know what to say...but I need to share this. So here goes:

I am a working professional, currently on a study break, studying strategic management. Most of my actual study is done during the day and I use the net extensively to research at night, which goes upto the early hours of the morning. Sometimes, I step out to the balcony outside to have a smoke, clear my mind or to think about something from a different perspective. On this night, I stepped out to the balcony to have a steaming hot mug of coffe and lit up a cigarette. It had been raining sporadically and the sky was overcast and dark. I was thinking about a case study and idly thinking about August 27, when Mars is supposed to come close to the earth, close enough to be distinguished with the naked eye. I remember thinking that it would be difficult to see the planet if the same weather continued and casually glanced upwards. Was a little startled to see a blob of light in the sky which looked slightly greenish, moving erratically. It was about a foot in length and looked strange....a similie would be if you packed a jet pack with starting troubles on a drunk guy? the light weaved, trying to go in a straight line, emitted small flares of light from the 'rear' and then started growing bigger suddenly. I realised that whatever it was, it was hurtling down. I kept looking at it, absolutely stunned as it increased in length. Within seconds, it had become approx. 6 foot in length, although not clearly visible because of the cloud cover. From whatever I could see, which wasnt much, it appeared like an old television antenna if viewed directly underneath.Horizontal arm like structures, which seemed to move slightly & what I presume its rear where the light was more intense, sometimes electric blue, sometimes yellow and the intensity increased in spurts. I was so stunned that I couldnt bring myself to do anything but stare. The thought, that I must take a snap of this with my still camera which has a zoom lens had just entered my mind when the light at the rear intensified, became a strange combination of blue, yellow and green, unlike anything I have seen before and the thing simply vanished. I kept staring at the sky, unable to believe what I had seen, doubting my own eyes, trying to catch another glimpse of it, whatever. Although unable to explain this rationally, this experience has left me a bit shaken and overturned my set of beliefs. As far as UFO's go, I dont know what to believe anymore.

Other Comments

I am not the least bit interested in any sort of publicity.The address given above is not accurate, although the email is. What I have shared is just so that I could describe what I saw and provide an outlet for my own feelings which have been in a turmoil. Thank you for allowing visitors to share their experiences. Regards.

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Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India



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