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UFO Sighting Report




San Francisco, CA, USA


I was about to enter a car full of adults. I looked south of the driveway and saw an object slip out of a bank of low-hanging clouds near the Pacific Ocean beach.

Date Reported:

9/20/2005 5:21:48 PM



No. of Witnesses: 



Two minutes

No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

As I was preparing to enter a friend's car, the last person to do so in a group of four, my attention was drawn to the view south of the Sunset District in San Francisco. There was a large bank of clouds with city light up on the surface of the clumps. As I looked, I saw a large alabaster white shape slip without noise out of the cloud bank and move slowly toward the ocean. The shape was like an inverted dish, with a small dome on the bottom, the whole thing glowing from within it. There were no lights on the shape at all and no features other than the dome at the bottom. It moved quite majestically, not in a hurry, and was visible so that I got a very good look at it. It was really quite stunning. Yet, when I excitedly jumped into the car and asked if any of my friends had seen it, they all said they had seen nothing at all. I've never forgotten this event, in spite of the fact that I seeemed to be the only one to have seen it. The shape had slipped on out over the water and disappeared. It was over in a matter of two minutes.

Witness Background

I work in a small-business lending division of WELLS FARGO BANK as an account analyst and trouble shooter. I was trained years ago in Fine Arts as a Theatre major, and moved to San Francisco to attend SF State University. I gave up on an acting career and worked in various not-for-profit ventures, but landed in this bank job.

Other Comments

I know that the entire field of UFO sighting and research is fraught with controversy and conflicting views, plus some loony-bin behavior and claims from certain nut-cases that have made it difficult to obtain credibility. Yet, I know what I experienced and I have kept up an interest in the whole field of UFOs. I attended a DISCOVERY PROJECT event several years ago.

Reported Sighting? 



Stephen H. Zendt

Your Location: 

Walnut Creek, CA, USA