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UFO Sighting Report


winter late 86 or early 87


hamilton, Alabama, United States


Date Reported:

9/29/2005 6:44:10 PM



Full Description & Details

There were 3 incidents in the same area

#1:I was in the front passenger side of the car , we were traveling north on Co HY #29 ,it would have been near midnight in the winter of late 86 or early 87. There was a large ball of yellowish white light to my right going mostly horizontally but slowly descending. This is /was a heavily wooded area ,but the spot was a clearing by a creek(williams creek). It was not very high up no more than twice the heighth of the trees. It looked to be about 20 feet across. It was going north faster than we were so it disappeared from the right window and then I could see it through the front windshield. It was a perfect glowing ball, giving it a hazy or fuzzy look . It was not spinning as there was a green colored area at the bottom that stayed in the same place. It did not appear to be a flaming meteor as the movement through the air would have made flames come off the back -there was no distortion it was a perfectly round glowing ball. The glowing light did make the surface appear hazy. I concentrated on that thing in an effort to make a lasting mental image. It was high strangeness. It descended behind the trees. Then there was a bright flash of light eminating upward in a semicircular shape that could be seen through and above the trees.. It was like a big explosion but there was no sound accompanying the flash. We reported it to the police and suggested that it may have been a helicopter in flames.( we knew it wasn't but we wanted them to go see what it was.) They did come there to the spot where we saw it but they did not go into the woods either. I was 26 years old at the time and had never seen anything like that before. Nor have I since. I have seen plenty of meteors -even ones that broke apart and fell quite close. I love to watch meteor showers. If this object had been something like that , given the size there would have been a tremendous explosion. One of our neighbors said he saw it too from a different location. Another person who lived on the same road said she saw the same thing but a few nights earlier and her husband made fun of her when she told him. I dont think meteors travel around the area for a few days.

#2: Months later I was alone at night driving at the exact same spot when the lights on the truck went off. That never happened before or after. Anywhere else and it would not have scared me as much. It was very dark out and I could not see the road. I drove to the only house that was there at the time and got out calling the couple who lived there by name as I knocked so they would answer the door(quickly). I called my father and he when he got there the headlights worked.

#3: There was one more incident in the same area( off of co rd 29-about 4 miles from the previous incident) the following year .It was october at 10:00 PM. I had just turned off my bedroom light and sat on the bed. I did not even have time to lie down when the whole room lit up very brightly. It did not seem to even be coming in through the windows. It was as if the roof was gone and it was a bright sunny day. No shadows to tell where the light was coming from. It was like being in a microwave oven -the room was permeated with light. I just froze like an animal, I really felt that some one was looking at me. And that they wanted me to know it. Otherwise why wait until right after I turned the light off. I turn the normal light off and someone else turns an all encompassing light on. It lasted long enough for several thoughts to race through my head, trying to understand what was happening . I estimated it to have been about 10 seconds. There was no noise such as a helicopter would have made. My dogs were not barking as they would at anyone. As soon as it stopped, I noted the time. (10:00PM)Then I went through the house and checked on my kids. The security light outside my son's room at the oppposite end of the house, was still on. It used to go off for a few seconds if there was bright lightening. Then it would take a few minutes to reach full brightness again. It was bright, so the light had not shined on it. I went outside and saw nothing out of the ordinary. My dogs were not barking. There were dogs barking furiously beyond the woods however. They could have been after an animal though. I noted the time when I went back in the house to make sure only a couple of minutes had passed. My house was (and is) about 1/2 mile off of a country hy-down a gravel private access dead end road. No other structures are on it at all..It is entirely surrounded by woods. Where the house was (and is) was just a circular area cleared in the middle of the woods. (easily over a thousand acres of woods) You can hear a vehicle coming down the gravel road as soon as it gets off the highway. I moved away for a few years the following summer. That incident scared me so much that I cannot sleep in a dark room anymore. I cannot even be in a totally dark room without panicking instantly. I always leave multiple lights on in case one goes out. Other than that ,I'm not afraid of things that most people are. It happened so long ago and writing this is making my heart race. I dont tell people about this stuff for obvious reasons. I always wanted to discuss it with someone who might have some insight about it though. I would like to talk to someone who may be know of a natural explaination for the ball of light and the room lighting up.

Witness Background

I have been a computer technician for Dell tech support. for 3 yrs 8 months. I went through sophmore year in college. I worked in 2 factorys for 5 years. I was a certified nursing assistant in Alabama. I am divorced and my 2 children are young adults,19 and 20. I draw photo -realism portraits of people and animals. I love animals and currently live in the woods with 5 dogs.

Your Location: 

hamilton AL