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UFO Sighting Report


May, 4, 1945


fraer, Skoerping, Jutland, denmark, EU,


Camp ”Lindwurm” event in Denmark 4. May 1945.

Date Reported:

10/24/2005 10:31:26 AM

Sighting Time: 

2-3 minute



No. of Witnesses: 

10? + 3 pilot

Size of Object(s)

size: aprox 5-8 m high: aprox 2-3 m high above the ground: aprox 75 m distance: prox 100 m

Description of Area / Surroundings

it is a flat area with farms all around this country. "Lindwurm" camp was a special german radar and lisning camp with many different radar systems, which was change more times from 1943-45.

Full Description & Details

Camp ”Lindwurm” event in Denmark 4. May 1945.

dear sir,

I´m here forwarding you my event and most informations abouth what I did`nt know that time in 1945 should be that exciting later on but for me it have been so exciting to investigate more abouth UFO´s special from those danaish books concerning the 2. W.W. in Denmark which first time was published in 1996. Those books are written by former military officers has confirmed my events 4th may 1945 on which I´m trying to write a book abouth now. - her is my story.

A special event took place on 4th may 1945 at 16.03 when 3 Mustang flying over a very importend german radarstation area near Fraer, Jutland Denmark as this event took place:

All three pilots mentioned above were on there way back to there base in England from a raid in danish water “Kattegat" - but they were on there course crossing a big and very importend german military Radar- and listening Camp- codename “Lindwurm” - with 6 spec. Radar/listening devices/ system were placed among other equiments etc. - I think they all three pilots got very suprised on this spot which looks peacefully - here is the event as I remember it:

“On that this very last day 4th may 1945, just 14 hours before the second World War (the german surrender) ended both in Denmark and Germany was on a Friday 4th May 1945 and precisly at 16,03 hours did 3 Mustang Jagerfly IV pass by on crossing Jutland and they were passing by on course 270 degree. - A schoolboy (Villy Allesö Rasmussen - 13 year) has stopped on the road, when he heard this special airplane noise which only could come from the allied flights. The boy stopped on the road, on his way home from school, just outside one of the german Würzbug Reise radar-station - close to the road (30 m) and when he discovered three Mustangs - he signaled to all 3 pilots by waving his arms. The pilot in front tipped with his wings from side to side back to the boy. On the precisly the same time a german flak open fire on these 3 Mustang IV from 234 Sqdn. (Madras Precidency).

All 3 Mustang-flight´s now turned 360o around and back again to fire on this creasy german flak, hidding in on a very small forrest area - Pilot P/O P..J.W. Bell here was hit in his arm, and the aircraft was holed. –The P/O P.J.W. Bell crash landed few minutes later on an open field, aprox 1 Km east of the city Hornum village, where he was taken care of and brought to Loegstoer Hospital by civilians (local doctor), just before the German army entert the crassing plane. - The German army now went to Løgstør Hospital to capture Bell as prisoner, but the hospital cheif/doctor refuse to do it, as he said: “this patient was in treatment”. - P/O P.J.W. Bell soon recovered and was back in Great Britain within 2 weeks time”.

The schoolboy shortly after that got in serious truble from two germans soldiers, who was stationed at this Würzburg radar, nearby him - they shout, threaten and running after the boy, they want to give him a beating. The boy jump on his bicyckle as fast as he could away home.

A very special event toke place as those 3 Mustang turning 360o around to fire back on the flak. Than they aprox. after 90 degre all meet a collered “grey formed hat-object” hanging in the air - max. 100 m of the ground, without no sound! When this “grey hat-object” realize that it now could get in truble, it started at ones away from those Mustangs in direction SSW. When “The grey hat” (a german “Haunebu” Vril-7) started, a havy noise came from this start, sound as you may imaging comming from manymetal dustbins, like rumbling and away was this “grey hat-object”, as fast as a normal Jet-fighter now adays (1997).

This report on this document I hereby sign, testifying as the witness, to that the above report, confirming that this insident did take place as described here. in June 1999.

Please contact:

November 1997

Villy Allesø Rasmussen

18th july 1932 - Signed by my own hand.

note: The special event took place on 4th may 1945 at 16.13:

I would like to get in contact to one or all 3 RAF-pilot who was stationed on Banff Air Base in northern England in may 1945:

Mustang Jagerfly KH 696 FS J. Robertson.

Mustang Jagerfly KH 843 Flt Lt J. R. Stein.

Mustang Jagerfly KH 860 P/O P.J.W. Bell (born 1924).

All three Mustang on crossing out over Jutland, some flak positions by Mariager (correct pos. Was Fraer near Skörping) opened up fire. Mustang Jagerfly KH 860 P/O P.J.W. Bell was hit in his arm and the aircraft was holed. Bell crash landed near Løgstør (Aars) and he was taken to Løgstør Hospital. He soon recovered. - Some sources olso state that the Banff Strike Wing was “escorted” by there Air Sea Rescue Warwicks as well on 4 may 1945.

It has later been confirmed that P/O P.J.W. Bell has been killed by the “Mau-Mau movement” in Kenya sometime between 1952-56.

Can sighting be explained as any conventional man-made or natural object?

this RFZ (UFO) was control by human I am very sure.

Views on UFOs, before and after sighting

absolutly nothing!

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