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UFO Sighting Report


aug. 26 - sept. 10, 2003


north pole alaska


Date Reported:

12/3/2003 8:33:26 PM

Full Description & Details

well when this happened i was laying in my bed watching tv and i looked out my window. there were two lights right next to each other. they were pulsing and htey moved really fast in like a zig zag pattern. a third light appeared and i shut my eyes because the light hurt them. when i opened them i was on a cold table. i couldnt move at all. the room was all white except for the girl that was there. she was about eleven years old... umm.. we were both nude. i moved my eyes to the left and there was a grey person next to me. very skinny with big black eyes. i said what am i doing here. i looked at the girl again, she was moving her lips as if to talk but she wasnt talking. like no words came out. the being said nothing when i asked him what i was doing here. he looked over to his right and there was another being. the first one was about four and a half feet tall. the other one was about a foot taller and it eyes were black with a red tint to them. it lifted its arm up and pointed at me.the table i was one moved. it made a sudden turn to the right and there was a screen. the room was V shaped excpet for one part in the corner there was like an indent. i asked them why i was here. they told me i was here to learn. i asked them if there was war in space and they said of course there was. i asked them where they were from and they said something like artitcus or arcticus they said it was a galaxy or something. i asked them if there were other races of aliens. they said yes and that not to call them aliens, to call them greys. they said of course. the small one hadnt talked, i thought that it must be a worker and the big one said yes, it is a worker... sort of. the small one grabbed a cord out of nowhere. it put one on the top of my left palm (there is a mark there now) and two more on my head (no marks on my head). i could control the choices with my mind... it was weird. like there were boxes and i could click on them and learn about it. i dont remember what i learned though. they told me i would be important in the future and that i must go. i said no, that i wanted to know more. there was a blinding light again. i tried to keep my eyes open but i couldnt. i was in my bed and i was WRAPPED up in my blanket. the tv was still on but the show that was on it was scheduled for about two hours later than when what i was watching. my door was also closed and i dont sleep with it closed because my dog has to get water at night. that was my experience

Other Comments

the truth is out there...

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north pole alaska


still in school