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UFO Sighting Report




Date Reported:

12/4/2003 10:52:46 PM

Full Description & Details

It is undiscribiable. It is like nothing ever seen by anyone in this day and age. why all the screretcy. The entrance to the Cave is on Surratts Road in Clinton Maryland. It was opened and closed in 1956, Also sealed by Our Government. We are all Desendences.of and from other Planets. This is the Heaven you were promised. See how mankind has messed it all up. Why do people fear them because We are them?All of us on this planet. Study Your heart and open Your Mind. Steven King Is of the smartest of all. Ask Him.

Other Comments

We were put here to see if different races could get along with other. Be look around You. Did it work? No We are killing off all of God's Children. And for what reason? You tell me. Listen to Your Heart, All the answers are there. So why are We at War with ourselves Good Question? Todays generation is destroying itself. Why?