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UFO Sighting Report


1990 2005


sydney northmead narrellan


small craft slowly came out of large one and after a few seconds left at speeds above normal velocity 2 orange ball lit up in cloud and instantly shot of at constant velocity

Date Reported:

11/10/2005 3:24:07 AM



No. of Witnesses: 




No. of Object(s): 


Full Description & Details

walking and talking in front of home and looking as normal at the night sky and very thankfull to have seen it occur.watched small aircraft size light change flight path twice at elevation the same as the highest occaisioning comercial aircraftat a good range from me.it should have been above castle hill area i reason.The flight path change was bizzare too me as this is a regular path area for comercial aircraft as viewed from my home.This kept me looking itself.Then an object half the size came out centre too right from my observation at a speed that i could only say was what was needed too exit craft perhaps for then within 1.5 seconds it moved in excess of ''HIGH THOUSANDS of kilometres p/hr and literaly disapeared because of speed in accelaration.2Narrelan area.Watched appropriate area as an orange ball the size of a 20 cent piece lit up and the same time shot of too the left at one continual velocity,west.about 9pm too 12am.also it was dark orange and a ring of lighter orange around it about 4mm in scale of an actual coin.Speed never varied at all and object was in flight at the moment it became illuminated.Speed was alot slower than Northmead sighting hewever was about an astonishing 5 thousand km/h at the VERY LEAST.

Witness Background

1.at school or Tafe at the time.2.Excavator Operator in very large and successful Civil Engineering company.

Other Comments

I have a very highly responsive, highly rational, highly long term thought out series of hypothesis about what is essentially something that is I feel a very normal occurence in many ways as far as our lives are concerned.Although this is an occurence that makes no promise too all in life and obviously should you not see anything ever you may or may not ever leave the secure lockdown in awareness of life.The sighting,its ACTUAL seriousness and openess at providing GAPING wide openings for many too see all the important mysteries in life are real.That lockdown that I refered too is what I would call the baby syndrone and perhaps its just not necessary really but it is an example of symbolic thought that captures the seeming impasse perfectly.The possible need for all too ask the questions or at least think the thought that would stop the sensation that the world is otherwise baby if you will and for how long?My most avid belief is there is Hyperdimensional travel going on that involes a maintenance crew of sorts of aspects of or representitives of our Divine Lords creation.A possible lifeforce may exist responsible for carrying out destiny on a grand scale such as evolution of living organisms and also the structure of say our material world without going into quantum speculation and it runs itself independent but within an accepted balance of our Lords will and a maintenance crew of sorts that reflect at times terribly well a Metapyhsical tuning apptitude too adjust certain things unbeknown too us during sightings similar to that of the Kiama sighting you may recall with the anomalie of the emitted light.These beings are Intelligences that are far greater than any Extraterrestrial Beings on an longlasting highly evolved journey.I am also very reluctant too dismiss ET explainations altogether though and believe both time and space is manipulated in an enourmous way that they the ET's reside in another dimension more awkward too explain than a String thoery concept.A mirrored dimension based upon God knows exactly and perhaps both Earth time as well meaning when they during a sightings.

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Nick Ilinsky

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